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John Henshaw Architect Inc.: Leader in New Construction Technologies

Eliana Silva

Creative design, quality materials and an efficient team makes the company’s services highly coveted.

Elegance, design, fashion! Judging by these words, you might think that we are talking about a jewelry store or a footwear boutique rather than a Vancouver architecture firm that is all the rage. John Henshaw Architect Inc. is a recognized construction company with more than 20 years of experience in the field. The company continuously updates the latest technologies and construction trends that suit their needs. The remarkable creativity of their designs, as well as their high-quality materials and efficient workforce, make the company one of the most coveted in today’s market.

One of the distinct advantages offered by this company is that the customer always works in close collaboration with the architect, sharing their personal vision of the project. The firm has a team of skilled technologists that includes an architect and an interior designer, thus ensuring that all aspects of the construction plan are taken into account.

The company uses a combination of Eastern and Western designs in their projects, which are employed according to the tastes and needs of the client and designed to integrate harmoniously into the environment, taking into account the landscape and the characteristics of the area.

The specialists pay close attention to the aesthetic details and at the same time guarantee the building’s functionality. Countless elements are strictly considered in each project, even the selection of colors and finishes.

The group reconciles every project with environmental protection. If customers desire, they can incorporate insulation technology and energy efficiency. The company is a leader in energy saving and environmentally safe design, comprehensively engaging the interior comfort while reducing the impact on the environment.

John Henshaw is the company’s leading architect. His love of architecture and design began at the University of Architecture of Carleton, in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. He gained experience in the construction of convention centers, office buildings, hospitals, and multi-residential projects. John is a member of the Institute of Architects of British Columbia since 1982 and founded his firm John Henshaw Architect Inc. in 1989.

The company has earned valuable prizes since its creation. In 1993, it obtained the Georgie Silver Award for best design of multifamily housing. The following year it won the Gold Award for the best residential rehabilitation. Other major prizes such as the “Merit”—awarded by the administration of the city of Vancouver—or for the best renovation of individual dwellings and multifamily buildings, join the honors received by this architectural firm.

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