The Spectacular Design of a Hotel that Aims to Realize All Your Dreams

Walter Raymond

One of the world's most amazing hotels is being built in Macau, south of China. Designed by architect Zaha Hadid, The Hotel of Dreams is located in the place known as Las Vegas in Asia.

The City of Dreams is located in the Macau peninsula, south of China. The spectacular complex features four large hotels with plenty of space for gaming, dining and entertainment Las Vegas-style. In fact, its proximity to Hong Kong and the availability of exciting, entertaining venues, have turned Macau into Vegas in Asia.

The City of Dreams in Cotai, Macau’s main hotel strip, has already three excellent proposals of the highest standards: the Hard Rock Hotel, the Crown Towers and the two towers that make up the Grand Hyatt Macau, which include casinos, shops and spas, in addition to the most diverse and fascinating entertainment offerings. According to plans, the new “dream hotel” will exceed all expectations and become the icon of the new gaming capital of Asia.

Building of the monumental “Hotel of Dreams” started in 2013 and the property is expected for completion in early 2017. Designed by the award-winning architect Zaha Hadid, it will become the fifth tower of the City of Dreams with a striking architectural design that will surely impress even the most discerning traveler.

The 40-story building will have a broad, generous and luminous appearance thanks to a metal exterior that resembles a large mesh with abundant crystal work. The innovative exterior design of the functional luxury tower was conceived as a sculptural and distinctive feature of the city.

The front of the building is flanked by two towers connected at the top by a bridge that allow the guests to walk through a magnificent atrium worthy of the tales of the Arabian Nights. As you reach the opposite side, before your eyes will emerge a large central courtyard, almost 120 feet high that reveals the sky through an exoskeleton of metal and glass.

Hotel of Dreams

The spectacular public spaces will include a wide range of event venues, game rooms, restaurants and spas. On the upper floors, a large pool imitates the feeling of swimming under the sky, and the ground floor will house shops bars and restaurants around the large, bright atrium.

The decorative details of the rooms and suites of Hadid´s “Hotel of Dreams” have not yet been revealed, but there is talk that they could have a minimalist design to complement the luminosity of the large windows. What we do know is that the luxurious details will include hardwoods and local textiles to attract explorers and adventurous tourist to make their dreams come true in the heart of the Macau peninsula.

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