Hipolite Televisions and Savoir Beds: When You Thought Comfort Couldn’t Go Any Further

Mary Elizabeth Collins

Handcrafted beds and televisions made with the finest materials and including the most extravagant functions.

Our home is our space, a place that defines us. We infuse our personalities into its décor, choosing unique elements that reflect us. If you’re looking for premium, custom design and the finest craftsmanship then you’ll covet the elegant TV sets created by the French brand Hipolite, and the luxurious beds crafted by the British firm Savoir Beds.Hipolite

Photos by: Hipolite

This French company (based in Paris) was born of the necessity to give different looks to television sets. This appliance is part of every home but often lacks grace, calling for the need to create a more stylish design, one that harmonizes with the rest of the items in any elegant home.

The idea came from interior designer Julien Dayet and designers Guillaume Suety and Aurélien Blanc. The three shared the same objective: to create a high-end TV inspired by the “pop” years, entirely made in France by artisans with exceptional skill. The result is a piece that not only looks modern, but is a fully customizable product with an unprecedented design that successfully combines retro style, modernity and distinction.

More than 90% of the components of the Hipolite TVs come from France, making each of these appliances an interesting example of French haute couture applied to industrial design. The wood used for the structure of the TV sets come from ecologically sustainable forests in France. Everything is done by hand, even the lacquer is applied by the delicate hands of expert cabinetmakers. The speakers are designed and manufactured by a French company, as well as the glass, aluminum and leather finishes. The screen and other electronic components are imported and then assembled in French workshops.

To meet the discerning demands of its high-end clientele, a customized service is available and includes unlimited possibilities. Hipolite can produce unique models and designs according to your specifications, including custom colors, materials, finishes and dimensions.

Savoir Beds

Photos by Savoir Beds

Savoir Beds, a British firm based in London, has been manufacturing beds since 1905, and currently offers one of the most exclusive beds on the market.

All the Savoir beds are made by hand, from the mattress to the frame, always using the highest quality natural materials. These luxury beds made by the prestigious manufacturer can be found in the most expensive suites of the world’s best hotels.

If you want to own one of these unique beds, you must first travel to London and visit the company’s workshops. There you will select all the special features for your bed, as well as choose the design and finishes for your frame. After which an artisan will custom build it according to your specifications. You can choose a round bed that can rotate 360 degrees on its axis, allowing you to see all the views available from your bedroom, with a mattress of the highest quality manufactured with the latest technological advances. You can also ask to incorporate a mini bar, sound system or even a flat screen TV.

The Savoir customer list include the world’s leading monarchies, wealthy businessmen, famous musicians and movie stars, who do not hesitate to spend a fortune to be the happy owners of the bed of their dreams.

The price tag? One million dollars.

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