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Are These The Cities Of The Future? Green Village, A Residential Complex Made Entirely Of Bamboo

Heike Söns

Bali's Green Village, made entirely of bamboo, is considered one of the most impressive sustainable constructions ever built. Each house is created according to the owner's taste and specifications.

Bali’s Green School is as captivating as it is magical. However, it is not the school’s personalized curriculum that has attracted attention, but the sustainable innovation and inherent beauty of its architectural projects. Made entirely of bamboo and considered one of the most amazing sustainable buildings ever erected, the Green School is responsible for attracting investors from all corners of the world who now focus their attention on a new development: Green Village.

Green Village

On the banks of Bali’s stunning Ayung River, Green Village is an exemplary combination of sustainability and luxury. Each of its 18 houses has been especially designed to fit the taste and needs of their owners, using the area’s naturally abundant materials and the millenary craftsmanship of the native population. “Green Village has redefined the potential of sustainable materials,” says Elora Hardy, Creative Director of Ibuku, the design firm in charge of the project’s architecture. “With very few resources, bamboo cuts can become structural columns capable of sustaining a house that will last a lifetime”.

This residential complex, which could well be defined as a luxury village, was conceived with minimal environmental impact. “The care we put into the design of the houses and the skills of the local craftsmen underscore the potential of human innovation”, says Hardy.

Green Village

Peter Barge, owner of one of the 18 houses on Green Village and a real estate expert in Asia, explains: “the creative use that has been given to the materials and the magnificence of the surrounding jungle has resulted in an unbeatable investment opportunity “. In Green Village, Barge found not only a property that would be a good investment, but the realization of owning a house with minimal impact on the environment.

The level of customization that Green Village offers its residents is without a doubt one of its biggest attractions. Working hand in hand with Hardy, each residence can become a dream home. In the case of Claire Burgess, an executive of a Swiss business and financial advisory firm, this meant bamboo flooring stained black with natural dyes, hand hammered copper elements for the decoration of the bathrooms, and a lagoon-shaped swimming pool with splendid views of the river.

Green Village

“Our two daughters study at Green School and they love it. When we learned of the plans for Green Village we realized that was the way to experience the school´s philosophy in the real world”, says Roger James Hamilton, businessman and writer.

Green Village residents cannot only enjoy the brilliant architecture and charm of their own homes, but also the superb culinary culture and high quality organic products Bali has to offer. These ingredients are carefully selected and transformed into delicacies in the kitchens of private homes and at the local restaurant.

Green Village

In addition, Green Village residents can take advantage of many of the local events, such as the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival and the Bali Spirit Festival. For those with an adventurous spirit, the village is also a few minutes from the most famous surfing beaches in Bali.

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