Deviehl: High Tech Coffee Cups with Avant Garde Design

J.M. Towers

The coffee cups from the Deviehl collection are manufactured with noble materials such as leather, wood, carbon fiber and marble, using nanotechnology to maintain the flavor, aroma and temperature of selected coffees.


Two talented British designers, Andreas Bos and Jonathan Strauss, founders of Deviehl, have devised a new collection of coffee cups that turn the mundane act of drinking coffee into a luxurious experience.

These cups have been created to delight the senses with a unique design that doesn’t mask the flavor of the legendary beverage and maintains its optimum temperature for a longer period of time. The innovative design includes 25 separate components, the direct result of complex research on fluid dynamics. In addition, the cups are made with unconventional materials: waterproof leather, carbon fiber and noble, exotic woods.

Deviehl Coffee Cups
Andreas Bos & Jonathan Strauss.

Deviehl cups are masterpieces derived from the latest nanotechnologies and highlight the brand’s exquisite aesthetics. These luxury items feature a peculiar and distinctive conical shape, which through an innovative retention mechanism fit perfectly into a beautiful base.

This design elucidates the perfect harmony of form, size, height and width, to deliver the perfect taste and an ethereal sensation. The materials used are long lasting and reliable, following the highest standards and offering sleek design and a natural grip. What once was simply a taste experience becomes, thanks to Deviehl, a tactile sensation.

The cups have improved the insulating properties to keep the coffee at a perfect temperature for a longer time. The interior contours are designed to optimize fluid dynamics and achieve the perfect foam. The emanating coffee aroma is greater, delighting the sense of smell.

Deviehl Coffee Cups

All Deviehl coffee cups clearly showcase the flawless combination of artisanal traditions and the latest technologies; handmade by skilled and meticulous craftsmen, their manufacture involves high technological complexity.

The materials used in each model include classic and innovative elements. Deviehl has patented its chassis – called Deviehlium ™ – featuring a brushed silver color with a retention system made with natural rubber, wood, leather, marble or carbon fiber finish.

These are four models in the collection cups. Surely one, or all, will be added to your list of objects of desire.

Wood // Pacamara Cocobolo

Deviehl Coffee Cups

This design features exotic woods, cocobolo and Zebrawood from sustainable plantations located in tropical regions and selected for their delicate beauty, natural flexibility and moisture resistance.

Leather // Caturra Rouge

Deviehl Coffee Cups

These cups are made with the best leathers in the world, treated exclusively by Deviehl craftsmen and beautifully decorated to please both sight and touch.

Carbon fiber // Mundo Nova 3 k

Deviehl Coffee Cups

This model was designed to provide maximum enjoyment to lovers of new technologies seeking modernity and also the natural beauty of the intricately woven carbon fibers.

Marble // Sidamo Green

Deviehl Coffee Cups

Manufactured with veined marble of the “nine dragons” variety in green and grey tones, an apparently pure material, which thanks to its beauty and mineral impurities, makes every cup unique and special.

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