Cuixmala: A Luxury Mansion Turned Hotel In The Mexican Pacific Coast

Nicholas Sterling

Located in a tropical paradise of lush vegetation and exotic beaches, the magnificent Casa Cuixmala hotel offers a unique experience of luxury and sophistication.

Casa Cuixmala was the dream of Sir James Goldsmith. The Franco-British billionaire and financial magnate, who died late last century, built an exotic and exclusive retreat in the Mexican jungle to enjoy his periods of rest and named it Casa Cuixmala.

Through the years, the villa has hosted illustrious guests, including President Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Years later, this magnificent private estate was converted into a luxury hotel that occupies more than 25,000 acres on the Pacific coast of Mexico.


The Cuixmala estate—located an hour from the international airport of Manzanillo in the state of Jalisco—is a tropical paradise of lush vegetation with two miles of pristine sandy beaches. Currently, it has become an ecological center for environmental protection–the Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve–rich fauna that includes birds, turtles, crocodiles and other animals. In 1983, thanks to the development projects of the The Cuixmala Ecological Foundation, the Chamela-Cuixmala region was declared a Biosphere Reserve in Mexico highlighting its ecosystem.

The luxurious hotel provides a variety of accommodations: Casa La Loma, La Playa (the Beach), Villas, and Casitas. The main building, Casa La Loma, is a veritable palace set on a beach of outstanding natural beauty. The interior is painted white and features all kinds of luxurious details. The Cuixmala Suite, of colossal proportions, is considered one of the most luxurious in the world. Beautifully decorated, it has a private terrace, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and a bathroom with ocean views.Casa La Loma also has three additional luxury suites with dining room, library, bedroom with modern technologies, large terraces with magnificent views and beautiful outdoor spaces.

The meticulously trained staff at Casa Cuixmala includes butlers, waiters, chefs, gardeners and security personnel, among others.Set on a private beach, La Playa is another luxury accommodation at Cuixmala. It is surrounded by tropical gardens with terraces, outdoor areas, dining room, living and entertainment areas, a suite with private terraces and sea views, plus two guest suites. Other options to stay at the resort are the Villas. Villa Alborada is a cozy three-bedroom house with a private staff, situated on a hill overlooking Cuixmala beach. It boasts a spacious living room, entertainment area—which doubles as a library—and outdoor swimming pool. The master suite has stunning views of the gardens and the sea.Cuixmala
Villa Torre, meanwhile, is a splendid accommodation with a lush garden, large swimming pool and views of the coconut plantations and the ocean. The dining room and living room overlook the pool and the elegant courtyard. The main twin suites are located in a separate bungalow. Two additional bedrooms and an entertainment room are adjacent to the courtyard, surrounded by greenery and trees. Las Casitas, with up to three bedrooms, feature luxurious bathrooms, a pool and views of the coconut trees and the sea. All have a living room, dining room, and a comfortable entertainment lounge. The fabulous Casa Gómez comes with a restaurant and clubhouse with cozy terraces and areas devoted to board games, among other amenities.The cuisine at the ultra-luxurious Cuixmala hotel offers fresh and organic local ingredients, such as cheeses, meats, fruits and produce grown in the hotel’s farm, El Jabalí . Horseback riding, tennis, yoga, fishing, diving and releasing turtles into the wild are some of the many activities guests will enjoy in this gorgeous corner of the Mexican Pacific coast.

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