The Collezione series’ 64, The Landi Chair and the Maralunga sofa, Three Design Icons’ Anniversary

Montserrat Barba

Cappellini, Cassina and Vitra have launched special editions of three emblematic pieces that are part of the interior design history.


Today they are part of our living environments but, in their moment they revolutionized the concept of home furnishing and continue to inspire interior designers, architects and decorators. The Vitra, Cappellini and Cassina firms just released exclusive editions of three masterpieces of minimalism and functionality. These edgy creations helped shape our modern idea of elegance and comfort.

Collezione ‘64 by AG Fronzoni

Desing Icons Celebrate Anniversary

The Italian architect and designer Giuseppe Angiolo Fronzoni, one of the most important figures of minimalism, designed in 1964, his most famous series of furnishings. The Collezione’64 consists of chairs, tables as well as double and single bed models. The original pieces come in black and white, which matches the design philosophy of this artist. “We have to aim for essentials, remove all redundant effects, all useless frills, to develop a concept based on mathematics, fundamental ideas and basic structures. We strongly need to avoid waste and excess,” said the celebrated designer, who died in 2002. The Cappellini frim, exclusive manufacturers of Fronzoni furniture since 1997, has launched a special edition of 33 iconic pieces to mark the 50th anniversary of the collection. As a novelty, they have recovered variations of some of the artist´s projects, including a particularly interesting version of a table with a Carrara marble top, created for a private residence, and another in Wenge wood, designed for a famous restaurant. Both pieces have a stainless steel structure and will go on sale in January 2015. See more home and Design here.

Landi chair by Hans Coray

Desing Icons Celebrate Anniversary

The Landi chair, a masterpiece of modern furniture, is 75 years old. Its creator Hans Coray designed it in aluminum for the 1939 Swiss National Exhibition. Coray managed to create a stylish icon that is well-balanced, light, stackable and resistant. One of the great innovations of the Landi chair were the 91 holes drilled on the back, which provide flexibility to the seat and minimize its weight. In celebration, the German company Vitra has reissued the chair in light gray, respecting the original design. It is the perfect accessory for a terrace or a garden, and can complement the boldest of decors.

Maralunga sofa by Vico Magistretti

Desing Icons Celebrate Anniversary

Contemporary master Vico Magistretti has had a considerable influence on young designers such as the Spaniard Patricia Urquiola. One of the best-known pieces by the Italian architect and furniture designer is the Maralunga sofa, which is turning 40 this year. Displayed at Cassina Gallery in Paris, the original piece is for sale as is the newly released versión. The Maralunga 40 features fabric or leather upholstery and simple stitching around the perimeter. Vitra has also added new colors to its 14 finishes, in shades of gray. As part of the anniversary celebration, Cassina has produced 40 numbered pieces of the Maralunga Live Mercury, a “cosmic” version made in silver that was seen on the set of the movie Moonraker of the James Bond series. In addition, 20 students from the University of Design in Lausanne, Switzerland, presented 20 futuristic versions of the sofa. The two winning prototypes were exhibited at the 2014 Salone Internazionale del Mobile and are now on display at Cassina’s headquarters in Milan, Italy.

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