Ripple Maker, Espresso Veloce, and Leva S1: Cutting Edge Coffeemakers

J.M. Towers

Did you ever think it possible to make coffee through an app? How about having a coffee machine modeled after a car engine or vintage aesthetics?

A good coffeemaker is a valuable asset for any coffee aficionado. These three models allow you to go one step further and transform a simple cup of coffee into a delightful moment. 

Ripple Maker: When coffee drinking becomes an art

Imagine this for a moment: as you look down before taking the first sip of your coffee, you discover that it contains a message, a pattern or even—to your great astonishment— your portrait. That would certainly surprise you, don’t you agree?

With this coffeemaker—a remarkable innovation of American engineering—you only need to visit the digital library found inside, which includes a large number of images and messages of all kinds.

You can also download an app —either with the iOS or Android operating system— from the Coffee Ripple firm. In a few seconds, you will see the image, or desired message, magically appear on the foam of your espresso, cappuccino or coffee (the Ripple Maker does not require milk or foam to create these fantastic effects).

Espresso Veloce Titanium Series: The Grand Prix coffeemaker

Paolo Mastrogiuseppe is an eminent Italian mechanical engineer who has created a stunning espresso machine as a tribute to the engineers who conceived the old Formula 1 cars, their teams and all the motor racing enthusiasts.

The limited Espresso Veloce Titanium Series has the shape of a Grand Prix engine and is the perfect combination of art and functionality.

The machine is entirely handmade and employs the same metal alloys used in the 1990s to build Formula 1 cars— primarily titanium and stainless steel.

The Espresso Veloce coffeemakers by Mastrogiuseppe are half-scale models of V8, V10, and V12 engines. Also, they offer the possibility of customizing them through color combinations that will allow discerning owners to have a unique work of art that will look great in their kitchen.

Micro Casa Leva S1: Italian design and elegance

Commitment, creativity, and initiative are the characteristics that distinguish the company Elektra, owned by the Fregnan family.

This firm—based in Treviso, Italy—manufactures coffeemakers that combine tradition with innovative elements to deliver beautiful machines, considered genuine luxury items.

Their S1 model is a good example of the company’s mastery when making small devices.

With a Belle Époque style, the S1 is a work of art that will look great in any kitchen. It owes its success to its lever design, which —for Italians— is the traditional way of preparing a superb espresso.

This model, which brings us back to the past, comes in three designs: copper-brass, chrome and chrome-brass. It stands out for its elegant wood finishes and the graceful silhouette of a yellow brass eagle that crowns the machine.

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