Cliff House: Living on the Edge of a Precipice

Mary Elizabeth Collins

Thanks to the latest design technologies and modular prefabrication of the firm Modscape, you can live in a futuristic house hanging— literally— from a cliff.

Modscape is an Australian firm based in Brooklyn, Victoria. It is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of experts in design, innovation and sustainability. The company specializes in the construction of avant-garde modular buildings made of solid steel structures and frames with insulating panels that provide perfect, harmonious and luxurious shelter.

Cliff House

One of its most outstanding projects is Cliff House, a modular structure specially designed for people that own land by the sea and are looking for a direct interaction with nature. Cliff House is a five-story home attached to the top of a cliff by secure, and safe, pins and bolts. The futuristic-looking prefabricated home is securely anchored to the rock wall near the sea. More about luxury homes, design and architecture.

This project caters to nature-loving customers who want to explore cutting edge design options for extreme lots, such as those found in the coastal lands of Australia. Inspired by barnacles and mussels that cling to the hulls of boats and rocks near the coast, Modscape built this modular home “hanging” from the wall of a cliff, rather than on solid ground. Thus, the construction appears to be a natural extension of the cliff and not an intrusion into the landscape, creating an absolute connection with the environment and the ocean.

Cliff House

To build a conventional house in such an extraordinary setting would have seemed an impossible—or at least extremely expensive feat. But thanks to the latest design technologies and modular prefabrication by Modscape—which use steel pins engineering—such projects are now a reality.

Visitors enter Cliff House through a garage located on the top floor, and an elevator takes them to the lower levels. Inside, the living spaces feature minimalist furniture to ensure that the ocean views and the unique spatial experience of the location remain the focal points of the design. For this reason, each level has an exterior made predominantly of thick unbreakable glass for residents to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic vistas of a usually rough sea.

Although the different floors of the building become gradually smaller, Cliff House has enough space at the top to park two midsize cars. As you go down, you will find a living room, kitchen with dining area, three bedrooms, a bathroom, and even a spa.

Cliff House offers the unique experience of enjoying a warm bubble bath while listening and watching a storm at sea.

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