Carl Robinson

Carl Robinson: Luxury Painted Wallpapers From Wallquest Inc.

Saida Santana

The creative director of the famous luxury wallpaper label names his most emblematic line after himself.

The wallpaper we have always known, the kind that reminds us of our grandparent’s house, has evolved into modern and sophisticated photomurals that depict scenes and textures that bring beauty and elegance to any wall. But if the product is created by the celebrated artist and designer Carl Robinson, a single room can be converted into an art gallery.

Carl Robinson: Luxury Painted Wallpapers From Wallquest Inc.

The contemporary interpretations of painted wallpapers offer a simple installment technique with excellent results. Carl Robinson has become a master of this old tradition with his unmistakable stamp of modernity and luxury. This artist, son, and grandson of designers has creativity in his veins. “I think there’s something in the genes, in the blood,” he says. From childhood, Robinson became fascinated by the designs featured in the books his father brought home, and he loved to visit his father’s office, where he appreciated, first hand, the world of fantasy and colors he so adored.

As it was to be expected, the young Robinson began his career next to his father and mentor. He later went to work with acclaimed firms such as Burlington Wallcoverings and Graham & Brown in England, and in 2000 became a consultant for Wallquest Inc., one of the world’s most innovative wallpaper companies Since 2003, Robinson has been working exclusively for this company and today he is its artistic and creative director.

Carl Robinson: Luxury Painted Wallpapers From Wallquest Inc.

“I love what I do,” says the designer. “From a business perspective, the most satisfying thing is to receive the orders from our clients. This means people are interested in what you have created, and they like it. And when you walk into a shop, and there are many paper rolls with the patterns you have designed, you feel very special.”

The designer says he is pleased with the leadership position he has achieved at Wallquest Inc., a family business in which he has been treated like a son. “If we have an idea, we can pursue it. Just having that freedom is very important,“ says Robinson.

Since 2015, the artist has a special luxury line that bears his name. Robinson worked for an entire year in the first edition, showcasing the experience accumulated in 25 years in the paper and design industry. His fourth edition consists of over 30 murals that capture the beauty of everyday landscapes, details, and objects that surround us, introducing, at the same time, objects that belong to the past. The artist finds inspiration in the colors of both oxidized metals and the graphic simplicity of the wheel of a bicycle, an old radio or a vintage camera.

Carl Robinson gives us images that recall stories from the recent past and recreates the beauty of nature, using a particular color palette that stimulates the senses. His painted wallpapers enhance our walls and give them a new life. With his work, the artist has renewed an old tradition and transforms wallpaper into true works of art.  ■

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