Capitol Grand South Yarra

Capitol Grand South Yarra: The First Six Stars Residential Complex in Melbourne

Federico Tibytt

The two residential towers of the Capitol Grand South Yarra and its luxurious shopping arcade stand as symbols of the new lifestyle in this dynamic and cosmopolitan Australian city.

All over the world, the luxury real estate market has diversified significantly in recent years. And this type of investment, which continues to grow, not only ensures a safe return, but also offers the owners a unique lifestyle. It is in this context that LK Property Group and the architectural studio Bates Smart presented their project to build the first six-stars residential and commercial complex for the city of Melbourne in Australia. The Capitol Grand—as it will be named—will start construction in late 2015, in the central intersection of Toorak Road and Chapel Street in the vibrant South Yarra Suburb.Capitol Grand South YarraAward winning architects Kristen Whittle, Roger Poole and Jeff Copolov from Bates Smart studio are in charge of the project’s design. The team decided to give prominence to the curved lines and elliptical shapes that define the dynamism of the building´s exterior, achieving different perspectives depending on your point of view. The first three levels of the two residential towers will be connected by a 60,000 square-foot shopping gallery, which will house the leading international luxury brands.

The residences of the Capitol Grand South Yarra will be distributed in both towers: CG Tower, and the massive 647 feet high main tower, called LK, which will be the tallest building in Melbourne outside the central business district. All the residences offer splendid views of the city thanks to the imposing floor-to-ceiling glass windows that allow the natural light to invade the apartments. In fact, all the rooms— including the kitchen, the living room, bedrooms and even bathrooms offer panoramic views. The upper floors of the main tower will be the most privileged, with 360-degree vistas.

Capitol Grand South Yarra

The decor, layout and high-quality materials imprint a seal of luxury on the residences. Priority has been given to high ceilings and ample, welcoming spaces, as well as warm wood finishes and soft carpets to convey a serene feeling of relaxation. In general, it is an ideal environment for residents to find a refuge from the constant bustle of the streets where the Capitol Grand South Yarra will be located.

To complete the six stars experience, the complex boasts lavish amenities, such as a 24 hours concierge service, sophisticated gym, elegant vestibule with bar and library, spa, meeting rooms, entertainment rooms, and garages with space for several vehicles per residence, among others. The elegant and exclusive resort also has two swimming pools. One on the lower floor overlooking the garden created by renowned landscape designer Jack Merlo, and the second—and more spectacular—is on top floor of the LK tower, with infinity edges and 360-degree views.

The new Capitol Grand South Yarra complex, which is scheduled for completion in 2017, assures its residents the kind of exclusivity and luxury that could only be found in the world’s best hotels. It will become a lifestyle icon for the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Melbourne.  ■

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