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Aster Papposus: Avant-Garde Furnishings

J.M. Towers

The Aster Papposus sofa, a combination of luxury and functionality that, like a work of art, adds elegance and distinction to its surroundings.


The Italian region of Tuscany, cradle of the Italian Renaissance, is known to this day for its vast culture, artistic legacy and artisanal mastery. Since 1987, it is also home to Edra, a luxury furniture manufacturer of the highest caliber, whose designs blend tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and technology. Proof of its commitment to avant-garde furniture is the bold design of the Aster Papposus sofa, which has garnered the attention of industry specialists and elite consumers alike.

Aster Papposus: Avant-garde Furnishings

The name Aster Papposus reflects the sofa’s extraordinary similarity to a starfish. It was created by the expert imagination of the brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, renowned Brazilian designers whose creations are part of the permanent collections of museums of the stature of New York’s MoMA and Paris’s Museum of Decorative Arts, to name just a couple. The Campana brothers have collaborated with award winning design and luxury firms, including Alessi, Swarovski, Venini, Vitra, Lacoste and Louis Vuitton.

Aster Papposus consists of two identical forms, perfectly assembled in the shape of a star, made of polyurethane and high quality feathers. These materials make up the seat, back and armrests, leaving the sofa without a rigid structure. Thanks to its handmade finishes, this exquisite piece of furniture commands a high presence and provides utmost comfort.

Aster Papposus: Avant-garde Furnishings

This celebrated creation by Edra and the Campana brothers makes an excellent choice for a large room, whether the vestibule of a luxury building, the lobby of a five star hotel, an exclusive parlor in a spa or a museum’s rest area. The price of this original piece says a lot about its exclusivity: $75,000.


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