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Art At Home: Accents That Make The Difference

J.M. Towers

Home accessories designed as authentic works of art.


The final touch when decorating a home should be a striking piece, a magical complement. If such item has unique features, you are guaranteed it will turn heads as would a masterpiece from a famous artist. Furniture, tableware, cutlery, glassware or any type of ornamentation created by a celebrated architect or designer can transform our living spaces into unique and exclusive environments.

The following home accessories have been designed as authentic works of art.

Precious Famine Table

Home Accents

This collaboration between the iconic French brand Christofle, makers of silver and stainless steel cutlery since 1830, and designer Tony Grilo has produced a distinctive table that can be considered an exquisite work of art. In the past, artists and designers such as Man Ray, Giò Ponti, Andrée Putman, Martin Szekely and the renowned Jean Cocteau, in his role as designer, have crafted unique pieces for Christofle. So it is not surprising that working with the famous French label was an attractive challenge for Grilo. The French designer is the author of the Precious Famine Table, a limited edition of 5 pieces. He used 360 knives, 360 forks, and 360 spoons, made of the best stainless steel, to build each table. This edition is remarkable for its perfect welding and assembly. The price of the Precious Famine Table exceeds $25,000. It is certainly an excellent investment and a great accessory for your home.

Malika Grand Collection

Home Accents

Monika Lubkowska-Jonas, designer and creative director of the British company LSA International designed the Malika Grand Collection of glassware. Its high artistic value and excellent taste will make dinner with friends a special, captivating event, every time. The cocktail, champagne and wine glasses designed by Lubkowska feature tall stems with a modern spiral design that looks quite stylish. The glassware is made with blown crystal from Italy, created by the best artisans in the island of Murano. The Malika Grand Collection is a masterpiece of glassware design thanks to the gold or platinum spiral pattern applied by hand around each piece, which gives a sense of movement and fluidity. Recognized for its unique style and original designs, LSA International is an inspiration for those who wish to create stylish and inviting environments in their homes.

Clear Liquid Glacial Coffee Table

Home Accents

London’s David Gill Gallery commissioned architect Zaha Hadid, winner of the 2004 Pritzker Prize of Architecture, to create the Liquid Glacial Table, which mimics the flow of clear water as it is absorbed by the soil. Its complex design is a marvel of technology and uses state-of-the-arts synthetic materials. All who come into contact with this unique piece are astonished by the kaleidoscopic refractions it produces. Its appearance seems to change from static to fluid, making the waves look real. Its price: $160,000.

Eclipse Garden Chair

Home Accents

Designers Vincenzo Antonuccio and Marilena Calbini, from Florence’s VG Design Studio, witnessed a lunar eclipse and wanted to capture it’s essence in a beautiful chair, using the fascinating play between light and darkness as a reference. The result of their whimsical project is the Eclipse Garden Chair, a futurist swivel armchair for indoor or outdoor use. “Everything you can imagine, nature has already created.” Albert Einstein‘ famous quote is the guiding principle behind Antonuccio and Calbini’s creations. The interesting moon shape of the Eclipse chair, which unites tradition, art, nature and science, is an innovative break from habitual patterns. Built with leather and steel, the Eclipse is an example of elegance and ergonomic design, which complements the décor of any modern living room or garden terrace, bringing a touch of modernity and elegance. Its price: $15,000.


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