The «Armani Lifestyle» For Your House

Eliana Silva

Armani Casa creates home environments as if the Italian designer himself had done the work.


In recent decades Giorgio Armani has shown that he is not only a designer of beautiful and elegant fashions for men and women. The Italian artist is at the helm of a design empire that encompasses a line perfumes, cosmetics, eyewear and watches. Armani has also opened restaurants and even a hotel chain, one of which launched in 2010 in the United Arab Emirates. But, if we are going to speak of the firm’s ventures we cannot fail to mention one of its most sophisticated and defined: Armani Casa.

Armani Casa
«Hector» chair.

Armani Casa offers a wide selection of furniture and household items. One of its most successful products is the Freud open bookcase, a reversible room divider that looks stunning from both sides. Another exemplary design from the firm, the Hector chair was inspired by the art deco movement and stands out for its beautiful curves, high-quality leather and diverse colors, available in orange, cappuccino, chocolate and gray. The Botticelli bed, also from Armani Casa, defines the brand’s style with simple lines and a rounded headboard. There is also the extravagant Aladdin lamp with the base and stem in satinated black metal with gray, beige or white lampshades.

The creative Italian businessman introduces his philosophy of luxury, elegance and sobriety in indoor residential environments to develop a concept called “Armani lifestyle “. The furniture line is inspired by Japanese architecture of the 17th century and a touch of art deco.

Armani Casa

Every piece in the collection is manufactured to the highest standards of quality under the supervision of Giorgio Armani himself. And although the products cannot be modified in terms of size or finishes, the company can produce special items according to customer needs.

Armani Casa has three stores in the United States, in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. According to Massimo Melchiorre, partner and general manager of the firm, there is a significant difference between their products and those of from the competition. “I think the fact that we sell more than furniture gives us an advantage. Our goal is to convey to the audience the Armani lifestyle: the idea is to show the residence as we if Giorgio Armani himself had decorated it. Our collection is a whole, and not just individual pieces,” he explains.

Armani Casa
Massimo Melchiorre.

Born in Rome, Melchiorre moved to Miami in 2011 to open an Armani Casa store. For four years he has been in charge of the showroom located in the Miami Design District, a Miami area that has become a destination for cutting-edge fashion, art, culture and more.

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