Accessories That Bring Distinction to Your Home

Heike Söns

From chess sets by Hermes and Baccarat to a Lalique decanter. Distinguished, elegant and unique accessories.

We are always looking for the perfect gift, that object that defines us and which will bring happiness to the person receiving it. Here we present some outstanding home gifts for a loved one or for ourselves.

Luxury pieces

Luxury Gifts

This chess set will surely make a focal point in your home’s décor. French luxury label Hermès surprises with its Giant Samarcande chess set, made with leather and measuring more than 3 feet per side. But this spectacular set not only stands out for its dimensions, also for the elegance of the parts, hand carved from rosewood and mahogany.

Timeless pieces

Luxury Gifts

If you prefer a chess set with a more classic design, perhaps you should consider the Baccarat Harcourt. To commemorate its 150th anniversary, the French glassware firm brings to the table one of the most elaborate chess sets ever seen. Created by Japanese designer Oki Sato, the pieces are inspired by the 1841 Harcourt series, Baccarat’s oldest collection of goblets. Each set is handmade and the series has been limited to only 50 copies.

Crystal flowers

Luxury Gifts

And when it comes to crystal, the latest wine decanter from the French jewelry and crystal firm Lalique is a definite looker. With a design inspired by vintage floral ornaments, this piece dubbed Orchidee Decanter arrives to meet the demands of connoisseurs and collectors. Its main attraction is its amber-color crystal top, which mimics the exuberant shape of a wild orchid and evokes Rene Lalique‘s original sculptures from the early 20th century. (Lalique Year of the Horse Collection)

The return of a classic

Luxury Gifts

The design of the Claybon lantern is inspired by an antique lamp dating from the 1860s. Created by Charles Edwards, it will make an elegant statement wherever you place it: hanging outside your home, or decorating an interior corridor. This heirloom is made of bronze and is 5 feet in diameter; you can also customize the color and finishes of each piece.


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