5 Westeros-Worthy Castles Every Game of Thrones Fan Wants to Buy

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If the final season of Game of Thrones has inspired you to live your life long Medieval lifestyle fantasy, these castles are for sale and available to Game of Thrones superfan world wide.

Jon Snow may know nothing about real estate but GOT fans can appreciate the history and beauty of the expansive real-life castles up for sale in the United States and around the world.

Whether the complex catacombs of the Red Keep strike your fancy, or you prefer the solitude of the Vale, there’s likely a castle out there made just for you. From the decadent French Riviera to the mountains of North Carolina, you can find an array of castles for sale that are so amazing, even Bronn would be jealous.

Here’s a collection of the 5 most fascinating castles now on the market, perfect for the GOT superfan. One of these, the cheapest, however, has just been sold:

Warmer than Winterfell

77 Castle Ridge Road Tuckasegee North Carolina

77 Castle Ridge Road, Tuckasegee, North Carolina  $3,000,000

If Sansa ever considers leaving Winterfell, she may find Castle Ladyhawke to be the ideal place to raise a family. Situated among the Blue Ridge mountains and tall trees of Tuckasegee, North Carolina, this modern-day, Scottish-style castle offers sky-high ceilings, comfortable living space, and features 4 spacious bedrooms and 5 full baths with deluxe spa tubs.

Built in 2003, Castle Ladyhawke boasts a caterer’s kitchen inside, as well as an outdoor kitchen for hosting family reunions with ease. There’s plenty of room on the 16.4 acres of land for the children and the direwolves to roam free.

Christie’s International Real Estate is taking appointments for tours.

Grey Worm and Missandel’s Love Nest

13 North Slob EB St Croix US Virgin Islands

13 North Slob EB St Croix, US Virgin Islands $9,950,000USD

If the leader of the Unsullied and his interpreting lady-love get to realize their dreams, the Castle on the Coast of St. Croix, in the US Virgin Islands is waiting.

Situated on a mountaintop more beautiful than Naath, the exquisite palace offers sweeping 360-degree views of the coast and over 102 acres of private estate. If you can pull yourself away from the outdoors, you’ll find pristine interior living spaces, glistening chandeliers, six bedrooms, and six full baths.

Developed by Bulgarian Contessa Nadia Farber and her spouse, the castle’s 10,000 square feet of living space was completed in 1989.  The estate resides near the yacht club and the Buck Island National Park.

This Caribbean paradise listing is available through Christie’s International Real Estate.

Rendezvous at Riverrun

Gosford Castle Mullaghbrack Road

Gosford Castle Mullaghbrack Road, Markethill, Ireland

If you’re loyal to House Tully, you can become the true warden of Catelyn Stark’s childhood home. A portion of Gosford Castle in the Northern Ireland town of Markethill is on the market and not only is it beautiful, it’s the actual movie set for Riverrun scenes in Game of Thrones.

Gosford Castle was built in the mid-1800s and was used during World War II as a command post for troops and a prison for war criminals. In 2006, developers converted a part of the property into 23 luxury residences and made overall restorations to preserve the entirety of the castle.

Riverrun is done but six of the extravagant residences are ready for a new owner. Gosford Castle has endless potential for future development or additional commercial marketing opportunities.

Maison Real Estate is currently accepting offers over £500.000 ($645,777 USD)

Arya’s Hideaway

14125 NW GERMANTOWN RD Portland Oregon

14125 NW GERMANTOWN RD Portland, Oregon $4,000,000USD

Should Arya Stark decide to retire from vigilante justice, The Blackberry Castle is perfectly suited for her needs. The castle is already equipped with suits of armor and the 12-foot high ceilings are safe for visits from the Hound. Built of stone and timber, the imaginative home is a mix of both gruff medieval times and a charming French chateau, situated in the hills of Portland, Oregon’s Forest Park.

The six acres of property features an atrium bar and private vineyard for your wine-loving, ale-swilling friends. A turret-style library more modern than the Citadel once hosted the late Avicii, DJ-extraordinaire, who penned one of his most famous songs while in residence.

The castle’s 13,000 square feet of living space includes 5 beds, 5 baths, and a Robert Baratheon-worthy eating space, with a sub-zero refrigerator and other modern kitchen amenities. Watch reruns of GOT on the 104-foot screen in the home theater or beef up your battle skills in the complete home gym.

Christie’s International Real Estate is scheduling showings of this must-have Oregon castle.


Volantis Beauty in the French Riviera

La Colle Sur Loup Alpes Maritimes 6 French Riviera

La Colle Sur Loup, Alpes-Maritimes 6, French Riviera $ 11,051,815.50 USD

While Volantis isn’t technically a part of the Seven Kingdoms, this stunning castle in the French Riviera is still an inspired piece of property, perfectly situated in a quiet residential area.

From the stunning grounds to the collection of independent living spaces, this castle boasts plenty of amenities for the grandest celebrations or a quiet evening with family and friends – or your favorite group of Wildlings.

The main house is complete with stone arches, a spiral staircase, comfortable living spaces, and 10 bedrooms. Relax among the water features of the outdoor terrace and garden space or take a dip in the stunning swimming pool personally engraved with artist Jean Cocteau’s signature.

The castle is available for a showing from Prestige Property UK.

No matter if you pledge your loyalty to House Stark or the Targaryeans, the intrigue of castle-life holds the door open to the living. If these Westeros-worthy castles don’t bring you (Grey)joy, there are many more to explore before the long night comes. 

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