Vicky Lau: One Of The Best Female Chefs in Asia

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Learn more about Vicky Lau, the chef and owner of Tate Dining Room, and her rise to success via her sophisticated, delicious and elegant dishes that combine classical French cooking with Chinese and Japanese influences.

Vicky Lau, the young chef and owner of the Michelin-starred Tate Dining Room restaurant in Hong Kong, has experienced an astronomical rise to success from being named the Best Chef of Asia in 2015 by Veuve Clicquot and the British magazine Restaurant to being named one of the Top 20 Restaurants in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Tatler in 2018. So, what is her secret to success? According to critics, its her ability to combine “classical French cooking with Chinese and Japanese influences to create sophisticated plates with character.”

Vicky Lau
Vicky Lau

In 2012, when she turned 34, Hong Kong native Vicky Lau opened her restaurant after years of cooking as a hobby. The young chef graduated as a graphic designer in New York, but it was at Le Cordon Bleu School in Bangkok where she discovered her true vocation. Her passion for cuisine led her to work at Cépage restaurant in Hong Kong under the tutelage of Chef Sebastien Lepinoy. There, she honed her skills to become the excellent cook she is today.

The small and distinguished Tate Dining Room, located in downtown Hong Kong, sits only 26 guests at a time. The lucky diners can choose from two tasting menus of six or nine courses, which offer personal creations that often transcend the typical relationship between sweet and savory. A good example may be the mustard foie gras ice cream with honey gel and cranberry sauce or the chestnut cake with wild boar and pork bacon.

When Lau opened Tate Dining Room, it immediately triggered an unstoppable enthusiasm for her magnificent menus called “Edible Stories,” inspired by a particular theme that carries from the first bite to dessert. This concept is a unique display of creativity where you can appreciate the combination of different culinary influences, with an ingenious eclecticism of the best of Asian and Western cuisines.

As a result, of her unique approach to crafting dishes Chef Lau and Tate Dining Room have received multiple awards over the years, surrounding the restaurant with critical acclaim.

In 2013, Tate Dining Room was recognized by the Michelin Guide of Hong Kong and Macau, resulting in Tate Dining Room & Bar being awarded one Michelin star, shortly after that in the beginning of 2015, she was named as Veuve Clicquot Asia’s Best Female Chef of 2015.

In 2017, the restaurant was relocated to a larger space in Hollywood Road, Hong Kong, where she debuted her dessert house, Poem Patisserie on the ground floor. As a result of this recent addition to the restaurant it was awarded the Best Interior Design award from the Hong Kong Tatler.

The following year, the Tate Dining Room & Bar secured a coveted spot in the Top 20 Restaurants in Hong Kong list by the Hong Kong Tatler. Chef Lau was also ranked as the #87th chef worldwide, along with the re-award of one Michelin star in 2018.

Vicky Lau

Lau’s skill and ingenuity shine through exquisitely presented dishes that show a clear creative passion. Dining at her restaurant is an unforgettable experience. The title of Best Chef in Asia is a deserving recognition of Vicky Lau‘s ascent to the culinary pantheon.

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