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Via Bom Dia: Reinventing Flavored Coffees: The Natural Way

Ana B. Remos

Rachel Gutiérrez makes different flavored organic coffees through natural processes.

Since its introduction during the 10th century, coffee has become an everyday staple in many parts of the world. It is not surprising then that, next to oil, coffee is the second most valuable traded commodity.

Via Bom Dia
Rachel Gutiérrez.

Born and raised in Michigan–near Ann Arbor–Rachel Gutiérrez savored the sips of home brewed Mexican coffee. Integrated into the infusion there were spices that made one’s palate call for more. Recently—while at home for the holidays—she shared coffee with her relatives only to be shocked to find some unrecognizable ingredients in the flavored coffees she was tasting.

Spearheaded by a professional background in consumer products, the twenty-eight year old Mexican American entrepreneur was determined to find a way to make a difference in the coffee community. If there were no entirely natural coffees readily available, she would create them. With research, passion, and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Michigan, USA, backing her, Gutiérrez set up shop in Brooklyn, New York–in 2015–with her brand Via Bom Dia. Now, among the vast variety of existing coffees, Via Bom Dia is revolutionizing the playing field by providing the only flavored coffee that is 100% natural. Review our curated selection of gourmet products.

Via Bom Dia coffee stands out for all of the right reasons: from using only the highest quality and consciously sourced ingredients to fostering the relationship with coffee production and selection. Their approach is organic and notable from plant to cup. By working alongside farmers in the best coffee-growing regions worldwide, they can provide the farmers with an income while improving production and quality.

Via Bom Dia

As the coffee roasting process begins, Via Bom Dia identifies each flavor profile. They pair spices with coffee flavors that compliment each other. Each product embodies different aromas through the incorporation of high-quality ground spices like cardamom, cinnamon, orange peel, clove, and nutmeg to name a few. As Rachel states, “At Via Bom Dia, we aim to reinvent flavored coffee. We stay clear of anything artificial and believe in offering the highest quality coffee available. That’s why we use the best quality organic grade beans.”

Just as her coffee is exemplary in its field, Rachel, too, is exemplary in hers. As a Hispanic female entrepreneur, she is one of few women roasters in New York. “I saw an opportunity as a young female and Hispanic entrepreneur; there are not a lot of women business owners in the coffee industry,” Gutiérrez tells With a very hands-on approach, all her coffee blends begin with experiments in Rachel’s kitchen that are later brought to a roaster. She works alongside the master roaster to ensure all beans receive the right treatment. Having a small-scale roaster allows her to maintain the integrity of the beans through constant supervision.

Through the use of fully natural spices and specialty grade beans, Rachel has given people worldwide an opportunity to enjoy innovative coffees. At the same time, she has allowed consumers to live by her belief that eating, drinking and living well are the spice of life. Following her dream, Rachel continues to grow Via Bom Dia cup-by-cup, batch-by-batch.

Let us introduce you to some of Via Bom Dia’s best sellers, including their Dark Chocolate Cacao Ground Coffee, Dirty Chai Ground Coffee, and Cinnamon Chocolate Cacao Ground Coffee.

Dark Chocolate Cacao Ground Coffee

Via Bom Dia

In this blend, the raw chocolate from the cacao bean is combined with an extremely smooth coffee combination from Uganda and Mexico to create an unforgettable delight. These specialty beans were chosen because of their inherently rich & chocolatey flavor notes.

Dirty Chai Ground Coffee

Via Bom Dia

This medium to dark roast robust coffee blend comes from the Indonesian island of Sumatra and the Eastern African country of Burundi. It boasts the sweet, smooth and spicy flavors of traditional chai by incorporating organic cacao nibs, ginger root, cardamom, cinnamon, and clove.

Cinnamon Chocolate Cacao Ground Coffee

Via Bom Dia

The pairing of cinnamon and organic cacao nibs within an extremely smooth coffee blend from Uganda & Mexico creates a wonderfully flavorful drink. Utilizing the same beans as in the Dark Chocolate Cacao ground coffee, the addition of sweet cinnamon takes this coffee to a whole new level.

New flavors will be introduced in small batches every season. Via Bom Dia is excited to present its newest batch, Chocolate Lavender Coffee. All of Via Bom Dia’s ground coffees can be used in electric drip, coffee presses, or pour over coffee makers. They are great as hot coffees or chilled and served over ice. The varying brews are highly recommended for their quality and flavor, which are blended with the coffee right after roasting. Once tasted, you will agree that these small batch roasts truly bring to life the mission of Via Bom Dia, a naturally good morning.

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