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Scardello Artisan Cheese and Neal’s Yard Dairy: Temples to Cheese

J.M. Towers

Two emblematic cheese shops, real sanctuaries filled with the aromas and flavors of this millenary delicacy.

Cheese is one of the oldest foods in the world. Already in the Neolithic—10,000 years ago—when humans began to farm and domesticate animals like goats and sheep, cheese was produced.

Unique Cheese Shops

A piece of cheese is an excellent appetizer, and if accompanied by a glass of fine wine, it becomes a most enjoyable experience. Whether soft, fresh, ripe, smoky or blue, cheese is a wonderful way to end a good meal. And since it is almost impossible to know all types of cheeses that exist, there will always be a new and wonderful one to discover.

An irresistible lure for a real cheese lover—and a temptation not to be missed—would be to visit Scardello Artisan Cheese in Dallas, or Neal’s Yard Dairy in London, two authentic cheese sanctuaries where the aromas and flavors fill every space, and it is impossible not to succumb to the appeal of this ancient delicacy.
Scardello Artisan Cheese

The shop is located in the heart of Dallas, in Texas. It is owned by Rich Rogers, and the store boasts an impressive variety of cheeses, as well as cookies, jams, quince, select meats, etc. Inside, you will find a broad selection of the best cheeses from Europe and the United States, especially from Texas.

Unique Cheese Shops

Scardello Artisan Cheese bears the name of the owner’s grandfather, Peter Scardello, who taught his grandson the love of good food and cheese. Here, you will always find the best products made by specialized manufacturers.

The store has a warm atmosphere, framed by red brick walls, and invites you to try its famous Texas Royal Cheddar sandwiches, accompanied by a French wine or a craft brew. Also, of course, you can taste cheese platters and purchase succulent meats, olive oils, and wines—even rent picnic baskets—or just enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the knowledge and hospitality of the staff.
Neal’s Yard Dairy

The British firm Neal’s Yard Dairy was created in 1979 when its founder, Randolph Hodgson, began searching for artisanal cheese makers to supply the first store he opened in London in the early 1980s. Today, the company has three establishments in strategic areas of the British capital, Covent Garden, Borough Market and Bermondsey, as well as an online store that sources the international market.

Unique Cheese Shops

Neal’s Yard Dairy matures and sells farm cheeses produced by 40 dairies in the UK and Ireland. The company’s London stores are equipped with modern facilities to control the temperature and humidity where the cheeses are stored until they are ready for consumption.

The knowledgeable staff is full of advice and tips for clients and encourage them to comment on the different cheeses because the firm takes their opinions into account for the future.

Even though English cheeses, with a few exceptions such as the Cheddar, Stilton or Cheshire, are largely unknown, the clients know that Neal’s Yard Dairy offers a full and excellent variety, and may enjoy proposals as extraordinary as the varieties Beenleigh Blue, Cashel Blue, Stichelton, Colston Bassett Stilton, among many others. Also, if they want to know more about these cheeses, the firm often offers courses and tastings.  ■

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