Three Extraordinary Vintages

Teixar 2010 & More

J.M. Towers

It is one of the most widely planted strains of red grapes in the world, and it is used to produce outstanding wines with exceptional organoleptic properties.

Grenache, also known as noir, is a grape with its origin in the Spanish region of Levant in Alicante. From Southern Spain, it traveled—during the Middle Ages—to the kingdom of Aragon, Sardinia, and the ancient area of Languedoc-Roussillon, in southwest France, to later reach the French Rhone Valley.

In the 18th century, sailors took it to Australia, where it took a firm hold on the land given its preference for extreme, changing temperatures.

Currently, grenache grapes can be found in almost all the principal denominations of origin and are used to create wines that stand out for their remarkable organoleptic properties.

Here is a small sample of the great vintages produced from this noble grape:


Winery: Vinyes Domènech
Region: Montsant, Catalonia, Spain
Grapes: 100% grenache

Since 2012, the Domènech family are proud owners of an old vineyard in Capçanes, in the great Spanish wine region Montsant. In this beautifully unique landscape, the family produces one of the best Spanish wines made with grenache: Teixar 2010. It boasts a bright cherry color, with aromas of ripe red fruits—currants, blackberries and wild strawberries—along with spices and balsamic notes characteristic of lavender and rosemary. This wine shines in the mouth and has impressed the most experienced oenologists. This complex, persistent and almost magical wine is velvety, elegant and balanced, highlighting the fruit with mentholated, balsamic notes, and subtle minerality.


Winery: Domaine de Mourchon
Region: Séguret, Rhone Valley, France
Grapes: 100% grenache

Domaine de Mourchon produces the acclaimed 2008 Family Reserve Grenache form vines that are over 60 years old in Séguret, one of the most beautiful medieval villages in France, where the warmth of the Provence sun reflects with extraordinary, subtle radiance. With a dark plum color, in the nose, you perceive notes of ripe fruits—particularly fig—licorice and spices. The palate shows its body, intense fruitiness, and harmonious tannins. It is a very elegant creation that reminds us of rural France, where good cheese and a glass of wine taste like heaven.


Winery: D’Arenberg
Region: McLaren Vale, South Australia
Grapes: 100% grenache

D’Arenberg—established in 1912 by Joseph Osborn and currently managed by his grandson Chester—is one of Australia’s most important family wineries. It produces seductive vintages, such as The Custodian 2012, with a deep red hue, aromas of berries and blueberry jam, and spicy touches of cloves and nutmeg. In the palate, we perceive berries, plums, blueberries, beets, and cinnamon. These beautifully integrated flavors and the velvety tannins contribute to a delightful experience. The Custodian 2012 is ideal if you like light pleasant wines with great personality.

Grenache is one of the most widely planted grapes in the world and produces some of the best wines in the world.

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