weekly tea party

Tea At Vizcaya

Irene Moore

Until Mother's Day Vizcaya's Coffee & Shop will hold a weekly tea party.

With the arrival of the fall season, the Tea on the Terrace program begins at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Every Sunday from 1–4 pm through Mother’s Day, Vizcaya Cafe & Shop hosts it’s weekly tea party. During the holiday season, Tea on the Terrace is not to be missed. Around this busy time, tea lovers can enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon sipping tea and enjoying the stunning, picturesque views of Biscayne Bay. Tea is served in vintage teacups and teapots on petite tables dressed up in white linen. The High Tea includes Vizcaya Tapestry Tea, an exclusive complex blend weaving delicious tropical tastes and old world flavors reminiscent of Vizcaya into the perfect cup of tea. Organic Indian black tea, Japanese green tea, passion fruit, marigold petals, coneflower and mallow blossoms make up the exotic blend. Also included in the High Tea experience are freshly baked scones, clotted cream, three gourmet spreads and artisan bread. Visitors may also tour the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens—a National Historic Landmark—during the festivities to admire the Main House’s beautiful vintage holiday décor.

Built between 1914 and 1922, Vizcaya is the preserved estate of U.S. agricultural industrialist James Deering. The magnificent palace was conceived by Deering and his architect as a modern interpretation of an 18th-century Italian villa, in the style of country estates of northern Italy’s Veneto region. The main house and the formal gardens appear as if in a dreamlike vision of bygone days on the shores of Biscayne Bay. The estate is entirely surrounded by a subtropical forest of palm trees, trailing vines, orchids and lush vegetation. Joel Hoffman, Vizcaya’s Executive Director, says, “Vizcaya is a place of compelling beauty. It is also a cherished connection to our shared past and a moving testament to the enduring legacy of remarkable dreams.”

The Vizcaya Café menus, including the Tea on the Terrace, are designed by the catering company A Joy Wallace Design. After having catered events at the prestigious Miami Club, President and CEO, Joy Wallace, created the company in 1988. Joy’s first event wasn’t a small garden party—it was a 1,000-guest seated dinner extravaganza for Exxon Mobile! The gala was a tremendous success, and as the company grew, Joy Wallace never imagined that she would be living her remarkable dream at Vizcaya. In 2003, the company landed a plum assignment: a contract with Vizcaya to operate their Café and Shop. Now Joy plans dream weddings, quinceañeras, and wedding anniversary celebrations at Vizcaya. With that inimitable sparkle she always has in her eyes, she says, “Seeing my client’s dreams come to life is the best part of my business.”

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