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Syrah: A Unique Grape Variety

J.M. Towers

Luberon Gardarèm 2012, Everest Shiraz 2013, and Groot Constantia Shiraz 2013, three splendid wines made with this sublime grape.

Most experts do not agree on the origins of the highly appreciated Syrah red grape. While some scholars place it in the Persian city of Shiraz, others speak of its Palestinian or Jordanian origin. What we do know is that it was introduced to the Rhone Valley in France by pilgrims returning from the Holy Land.

Today, the wines made from this medium size fruit—with thick and tough skin, a consistent and juicy pulp, soft tannins, attractive and remarkable aromatic intensity and balanced palate—enjoy high prestige throughout the world. There is an increasing number of excellent wine produced with Syrah grapes in almost all wine regions in Europe, Australia, Chile, South Africa and California. Review our selection of extraordinary wines made with other grapes like tempranillo, malbec, resiling or merlot.

If you want to enhance the grandeur and reputation of your wine cave, we recommend three sublime and memorable creations. The following wines will clearly demonstrate the value of this grape of uncertain origin.

Luberon Gardarèm 2012
WINERY: Marrenon // REGION: Luberon, Provence (France) // GRAPES: 85% syrah, 15% garnache

Syrah Grape

The Marrenon winery produces—in the French area of Luberon—award winning wines conceived from grapes grown in an exceptional terroir, with deep soils of rock and clay. This is the home of Luberon Gardarem 2012, awarded the best Syrah wine 2015 at the International Best Syrah in The World Competition, which is held every year in France. With a dark red color and ruby highlights, this wine is distinguished by its sharp, vibrant and fruity aromas mixed with hints of toasted hazelnuts, and cloves. In the mouth, we immediately perceive wild blackberries and currants, accompanied by balsamic notes. Overall, it’s a fresh, complex creation with an exceptionally lingering finish in the mouth. This is an elegant and balanced wine that promises an excellent aging potential.

The Everest Shiraz 2013
WINERY: Château Tanunda Estate // REGION: Tanunda, Barossa Valley (Australia) // GRAPES: 100% syrah

Syrah Grape

Founded in 1890, Château Tanunda is the largest and oldest winery in Australia. The fertile Barossa Valley is the cradle of Everest Shiraz 2013, a wine with a dark ruby color, an intense nose with hints of red berries, and a subtle touch of French oak. In the palate, it felt incredibly dense and concentrated, with remarkable richness and purity, featuring the flavors of black chocolate, mocha, and other spices. Its soft tannins complement the fruit and develop an elegance that is reflected in a well-balanced acidity and unmatched elegance.

Groot Constantia Shiraz 2013
WINERY: Groot Constantia Wine Estate // REGION: Constantia, Western Cape (South Africa) // GRAPES: 100% syrah

Syrah Grape

Simon van der Stel
, the last commander and first governor of the Cape Colony, a Dutch colonial settlement at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, built—in 16850—the Groot Constantia Wine Estate, one of the most famous wineries in the world. Here, they still produce excellent wines such as the Groot Constantia Shiraz 2013, an aromatic vintage wit a dark black hue and hints of pepper and violets. It also delivers layers of plum and black cherry, as well as an exotic flavor derived from the oak barrels used to age the wine. In the mouth, the fruit appears again, and its finish is perfect and subtle. This superb wine deserves a place in the most select cellars.

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