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Sublimotion: A Restaurant Where Fantasy Challenges The Senses

Montserrat Barba

Sublimotion restaurant by Chef Paco Roncero in Ibiza offers a gastronomic experience where Spanish cuisine becomes part of a great audiovisual fantasy.


A surprising restaurant has become the talk of the gastronomic world. Award-winning Spanish Chef Paco Roncero’s Sublimotion recently opened its doors in Ibiza, at Europe’s first Hard Rock Hotel. The tasting menu includes twenty dishes that become the protagonists of a meticulously designed theatrical and audiovisual experience, a journey that takes us to the North Pole, the Palace of Versailles or a Japanese garden.

Sublimotion is full of surprises; an air of fantasy greets you from the onset. Dinner is served on a table with 3D effects while the real dishes appear levitating in the air as if defying gravity. Furthermore, the background music and the ambience adapt to the ingredients and the menu sequence.

The exclusive dinners are limited to 12 costumers per shift. You can reserve one seat or the entire table. The communal experience guides guests through several stages spread through the 3,800 square feet occupied by the restaurant. Behind the scenes, a team of designers, audio technicians, wardrobe, musicians and magicians plus the service staff. Sublimotion will be open every night, until September 30, 2014, and the cover charge is around $2,200. See more restaurants here. To keep the excitement of the dinner, the restaurant does not reveal which dishes make up the menu, the whole dinner set consists of different sequences or scenes containing one or more dishes. Some of these scenes are: Extra Virgin Olive Oil , North Pole, The Sea in the Mouth, Versailles, and Hell.


The menu items are made with Mediterranean products such as olive oil (the Chef´s fetish ingredient), in the form of paella by the sea, rustic picnic or barbecue with friends. Roncero provides his own technique and boundless imagination, and under his leadership, an expert team of cooks, waiters, sommeliers and bartenders make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Paco Roncero earned two Michelin stars with his restaurant Terraza del Casino de Madrid. For the celebrated chef, this new project is a long cherished dream. “I am very excited and convinced that those who visit us will enjoy a totally new experience,” said Roncero during the presentation of his restaurant, adding, “I chose Ibiza as the best location because it is one of the most international destinations in the world, with an increasingly demanding public, eager for new and evolving culinary offerings.” See more about gastronomy here.

Chef Paco Roncero.

This is not the first time Chef Roncero challenges us with a risky gastronomic experience. The famous chef opened in 2012 his “emotions workshop” at the Casino de Madrid, a research laboratory that includes aeronautics and film technology to create cutting-edge cuisine. He is also the driving force behind the Estado Puro gastrobars, which have transformed the concept of Spanish tapas during the last six years.

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