Strottarga Bianco, Oro In Cucina, And Droplets Home Deluxe Edition: A Unique Selection Of Gourmet Products

J.M. Towers

A white gold caviar, a white truffle olive oil, and a non-alcoholic natural elixir to make the best cocktails.


Let us introduce a selection of three genuine and exquisite delights that with captivate you for their high quality, excellence, and exclusivity. Bon Appetite!

Strottarga Bianco
The white gold caviar

Gourmet Selection

Among the new and most prestigious fads in recent months in the international culinary scene, one that stands out is a caviar of exceptional quality called Strottarga Bianco. It is made with white roe from old and rare albino sturgeons and is best defined by its fluffiness, texture, aroma and flavor. The Strottarga Bianco is the brainchild of an Austrian farmer named Walter Gruell and his son Patrick. Its elaboration requires five kilos of albino caviar, which after dehydration yield only one kilogram of bright yellow powdered caviar. It can be used for pasta dishes, risotto, or spread on toast with butter. Also, this new caviar is laced with 22 karat gold. Its price makes it the most expensive caviar in the world: $308,757 per kilogram 0r 2.2 pounds. Those who have tried it say it has a strong and intense flavor, reminiscent of fresh fish. Read about other caviars such as ALMAS.

Oro in Cucina
Olio extravergine di oliva con tartufo bianco

Gourmet Selection

The Italian firm Tartuflanghe located in the beautiful little town of Piobesi d’Alba offers a selection of pure Italian gourmet products of outstanding quality, among which stand out those made with white truffles from in their backyard: the Piedmont, considered the best in the world. A good example of the label’s select range is the olive oil called Gold in CucinaExtravergini Olio di Oliva con Tartufo Bianco. This high-quality oil is considered one of the best truffle oils in the market and is ideal to enhance the flavor of hot and cold dishes with the classic taste of white truffles. It is delicious in salads, pasta, risotto, beef carpaccio, steaks, cheese and eggs. Each bottle contains 250 milliliters, and one liter of this essential item has a final cost of $191. Read about the health benefits of olive oil.

Droplets Home Deluxe Edition
The originality of Javier de las Muelas

Gourmet Selection

The entrepreneur and expert barman Javier de las Muelas owns some of Barcelona’s finest restaurants and cocktail bars. He is a trendsetter and as such he invented Droplets, a gastronomic “element” that is completely natural and alcohol-free, especially suitable for making mixed drinks, cocktails, teas and sauces of all kinds. There are twelve aromatically intense essences, collected in small droppers and presented in a beautiful wooden box. The fragrances include spicy chili pepper, sweet violet, orange blossom honey, absinthe, smoked oak, fresh ginger, Mediterranean rosemary, green cardamom, chamomile, Darjeeling tea, Tonka beans and Indian spices. A few drops will suffice to recreate in your kitchen—or in your bar—delicious and refreshing drinks with unique flavors and tantalizing aromas. The market price of the Droplet Home Deluxe Edition is $87.

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