St. Peter Stiftskeller Restaurant: More than 1,200 years of history in Salzburg

J.M. Towers

St. Peter Stiftskeller offers an attractive mix of innovation, good food, selected wines and a service worthy of its rich history.

Although Casa Botin in Madrid is considered the world’s oldest continuously running restaurant, St. Peter Stiftskeller in Salzburg, Austria, is the one with the earliest founding date. It opened for the first time in 803, in the interior of the St. Peter’s Abbey.

Over a thousand years later, the current owners, Veronika Kirchmair and Claus Haslauer, treat it with reverence and great love. The couple values and defends the imponderable pedigree of a place first mentioned in a document written by Alcuin, a scholar from the time of Charlemagne (between the 8th and 9th centuries).

The restaurant has become a popular upscale eatery, greatly appreciated across Europe, adding their own style and passion for detail while safeguarding the story of a privileged location that has hosted kings, queens, bishops and other celebrities.

Throughout its existence, the restaurant was forced to close several times, as when it became the headquarters of the French troops during the Napoleonic invasion of the early 19th century.
St. Peter Stiftskeller offers an attractive mix of innovation, good food, selected wines and a service worthy of its rich history. The ancient stone and the interiors decorated in contemporary style give the establishment a glamorous style and a special atmosphere.

Considered one of the top restaurants in beautiful Salzburg, the cuisine, art treasures and the passion and dedication of local chef Andreas Krebs, the restaurant offers classic Austrian dishes that are sure to please even the most demanding palates.

The menu features fresh seasonal local delicacies, but also the best Irish Hereford beef, the most exclusive French cheeses, or the best Spanish ham.

The legendary restaurant boasts eleven dining rooms, available for lunch, dinner, concerts, private banquets, family celebrations, etc. I earnestly advise you that on your next trip to Salzburg you should stop by St. Peter Stiftskeller, and be sure to reserve a place in the sumptuous Baroque hall. The Mozart dinner-concert will take you back to the late 17th century amid candles, costumes, musical instruments and ancient recipes.

The chicken soup with lemon, curd and rosemary, or the capon breast glazed with red wine and herbs with potato gratin and garden vegetable are highly recommended. Food is served during the intermissions of a concert played by the prestigious instrumental and vocal group “Amadeus Consort Salzburg”, founded in 1996 and comprised of six musicians and two singers, interpreting beautiful pieces by the famous classical composer.

St. Peter Stiftskeller is not only the oldest restaurant in Europe, but also a place to honor Austria’s best culinary traditions, and its history.

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