Alaskan Premium Reserve Salmon Caviar, Platinum Gold Gin And Macallan Whisky 1824 Collection Estate Reserve: Unique Treats For Demand

J.M. Towers

Alaskan Premium Reserve Salmon Caviar and two exceptional spirits, Platinum Gold gin and Macallan whisky 1824 Collection Estate Reserve, will delight even the most exclusive gourmands.


Individuals with discriminating palates always manage to find the finest products, no matter where they might be. To facilitate the search we present a new installment of extraordinary international delicacies that will satisfy the most demanding epicures.

Alaskan Premium Reserve Salmon Caviar
The delicious red caviar

Montecito Caviar is an importer of fine caviar from different regions of the world. The label aims to provide exclusivity, mostly because of the limited quantities of their products. Such is the case of Alaskan Premium Reserve Salmon Caviar, the company’s flagship item. Even though this product may not impress for its price—it costs only $76 for eight ounces—it is highly recommended for its quality, presence, texture and flavor. This unique caviar comes from a salmon variety that roams the Pacific Ocean (Oncorhynchus keta), also called chum salmon. The eggs are translucent, bright orange-red and resemble large pearls. Its texture is firm, creamy, with a clean taste, slightly salty and palatable. This caviar is delivered fresh to ensure the delicious flavor and high quality of Pacific salmon roe. The red caviar is a luxurious complement for an excellent rosé vintage champagne.

Platinum Gold
The premium gin with gold dust

Gin is one of the most esteemed distillates, and many labels are offering new high-quality alternatives. Platinum Gold gin is among the latest entries the market. This spirit is the result of an alliance between two Spanish companies, Destilerías Tavasa and Vin Doré 24K. The latter is well known for its champagne and sparkling wines enhanced with a very special ingredient: 24K gold dust. Platinum Gold is a fragrant and transparent premium gin with aromas that evoke herbs and juniper, and some resinous notes. As you taste this unique distillate, you can perceive its sharp, balsamic, pleasant and balanced flavors. It is especially attractive in cocktails because its suspended gold particles sparkle as they mix with the bubbles of tonic water and other sodas.

Macallan 1824 Collection Estate Reserve
A Scottish pleasure

The 1824 collection from the Scottish distillery Macallan is the work of Bob Dalgarno, the label’s master distiller, who created a range of malt whiskies to satisfy the most demanding palates. He used the best sherry barrels in the production of this esteemed spirit. The result is a supreme quality whisky of a dark amber color, with aromas of fruit, ginger, vanilla, fudge and citrus. On the palate, it is intense and fruity with notes of oak, orange and spices. The finish is balanced and elegant, with nuances of sweet citrus obtained from its contact with the oak. It is a unique and delicious scotch.

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