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Navarra Rosé Wine, A Metamorphosis Of Flavor-

J.M. Towers

A selection of the best rosé wines from a major wine region in Spain, which has earned world fame

The green lands of Spain’s historic Kingdom of Navarre are currently producing some of the world´s best rosé wines. The featured grape is the Grenache noir, which traditionally has been the variety used to make these wines. In recent years, Navarre increased its diversity of styles with the addition of red grapes such as tempranillo, merlot and cabernet sauvignon, which almost always are subtly blended with Grenache noir.

These wines of intense strawberry color are a perfect complement to any dish. That is one of the reasons why rosé wines from Navarre are garnering great interest and acclaim in international markets.

These are some of the noblest wines from this prestigious wine region of Spain. See here more wine recommendations.

WINERY: Inurrieta (Falces) // GRAPES: 100% Grenache noir // DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: Navarra

Roses Wines from Navarra

Mediodía is a brilliant creation, attractive for its distinctive, vivid pink color with purple hues. In this preparation, the Grenache grape becomes a modern, creative and uninhibited vision. Closer to the nose, one can perceive endless subtle scents: rose petals, cherries and strawberries. In the mouth, it feels creamy and smooth. Perfectly balanced, this wine is young and vivacious, bright and elegant. The Mediodía rosé was awarded the Gold Medal at the Challenge International du Vin 2014 for its 2013 vintage. It is simply spectacular paired with seafood paella.

Calendas Rosado
WINERY: Ochoa Wineries (Olite) // GRAPES: Grenache and tempranillo // DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: Navarra

Roses Wines from Navarra

With a bright and translucent raspberry color, Calendas wine has intense aromas of red fruits, wild strawberries and raspberries. It has good structure and is tasty, full and balanced, with clean aromas of ripe fruit. This excellent wine is balanced in the mouth, with a pleasant, fresh and smooth entry. It is a perfect match for sweet and sour Asian dishes; sushi and vegetables grilled with a touch of olive oil.

Aroa Larrosa
WINERY: Aroa Winery (Nafarroa) // GRAPES: Grenache and tempranillo // DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: Navarra

Roses Wines from Navarra

Aroa Larrosa is clean and bright. It comes alive with intense red shades and raspberry and pink hues. Its aromas are sweet and fruity. At first impression, one takes in the flavor of red fruits (raspberry and wild strawberry) and delicate floral nuances. After a few minutes of aeration, new fruit aromas of citrus, ripe tangerine, melon and tropical fruits develop. In the mouth it is fruity, very fresh and clean. The passage is sweet and acid, with delectable flavors of candy and spices. It is the ideal accompaniment for pasta and soft French or Swiss cheeses.

Príncipe de Viana Rosado Cabernet Sauvignon
WINERY: Príncipe de Viana (Murchante) // GRAPES: cabernet sauvignon and merlot // DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: Navarra

Roses Wines from Navarra

This different and innovative rosé does not feature the Grenache noir grape in its preparation. It has a red currant crystal clear color with proper intensity and strong aromas of small red fruits like raspberries, cherries and strawberries, with particular notes of mint and eucalyptus. A complex rosé wine, it boasts excellent balance, good structure and lengthy persistence, with intense fruit flavors reminiscent, again, of cherries and ripe strawberries. It is perfect paired with salads, Iberian ham, soups and cream of vegetables.

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