Chef Fabio Morisi's recipe

Rose Petals Stuffed With Burrata And Sturgeon Caviar

Chef Fabio Morisi

A dish that is as aesthetically beautiful as it is surprising and delicate on the palate.

Rose Petals Stuffed with Burrata and Sturgeon Caviar
DIFFICULTY: Easy // TIME: 10 min.

Recipe Rose Ravioli with Caviar

6 units of edible rose petals
60 gr. fresh Burrata di Andria Montronella cheese.
Between 9/12 gr. Sturgeon caviar.
Fine salt and pepper to taste

Preparation and presentation
One of the first things I learned at hospitality school in 1981 was not to damage the condiments by adding unnecessary flavors of frills. Today, I present three noble ingredients that together create a beautiful harmony of color, texture and taste. Let us place three rose petals on a plate. Over the edible flowers, we’ll set the burrata cheese, salt, pepper, and cover this presentation with three more petals. For decoration, we will place above each rose ravioli some sturgeon caviar. Serve immediately accompanied by a glass of the best champagne. Buon appetito.

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