Produced in small wineries

Roger Brun, J. M. Tissier, J. L. Vergnon And Fluteau: Great Champagnes For The Holidays

J.M. Towers

If you want to bring a different and original touch to the holiday table this year bet on these exceptional champagnes produced by small wineries.

The famous French region of Champagne has excellent wineries that produce the most prestigious vintages. But in this land there are also wineries owned by small growers, whose production is meager compared to that of the most famous brands.

Each of these “small wineries” approaches the characteristics of their vineyards with a personal and unique touch. Their exclusive champagnes, elaborated with care and passion by the winemakers and their families, are almost unknown to the vast majority of the public, but they become real objects of desire for avid followers of the most glamorous sparkling elixir.

Take note of these four recommendations: they are exclusive champagnes appreciated by connoisseurs worldwide, which can bring a touch of originality to this upcoming Holiday celebrations.

Réserve Familiale Oenothèque Extra Brut Grand Cru 1999
WINERY: Roger Brun // REGION: Montagne de Reims // GRAPES: 60% pinot noir, 40% chardonnay

Champagnes from Small Wineries

This wonderful champagne is produced only in years of exceptional harvests or for special occasions, such as the birth of a new member to the family. With a straw color, characteristic of pinot noir, it has aromas of bread crust, pears and ripe citrus with hints of Chantilly cream and honey. In the palate, it is elegant, smooth and has a balanced acidity. It is perfect to accompany foie gras, caviar or milk chocolate.

J.M. Tissier Brut Apollon Millèsime 2005
WINERY: J.M. Tissier // REGION: Côte Sud D’epernay // GRAPES: 50% chardonnay, 50% pinot meunier

Champagnes from Small Wineries

With a golden yellow color and lemon highlights, in the nose it is intense and complex, with a marked taste of pastry, butter, and honey over spicy notes of vanilla and cinnamon. The first sip immediately denotes its creaminess and balance, bringing aromas of toast, jams, and quince. It has a very long finish with fully integrated bubbles. It is the ideal champagne to be enjoyed on its own or with freshly cooked seafood.

J.L. Vergnon Brut Conversation Grand Cru 2007

WINERY: J.L. Vergnon // REGION: Côte Des Blancs
 // GRAPES: 100% chardonnay

Champagnes from Small Wineries

This is a Blanc de Blancs Champagne, which means that it was made using only chardonnay grape. It has a pale yellow color with greenish highlights that reveal its youth. Close to the nose you can perceive aromas of fresh butter, almonds, grapefruit and white flowers, along with praline and fruit compote. In the palate, it is fresh and elegant, with an excellent acidity and a long citrus finish. This champagne should be enjoyed by itself.

Fluteau Brut Cuvée Reservée 2004

WINERY: Fluteau
 // REGION: Côte des Bar
 // GRAPES: 85% pinot noir, 15% chardonnay

Champagnes from Small Wineries

Its color is golden yellow. Close to the nose it is extremely delicate, with notes of white flowers and lilies on a background of vegetables like rhubarb, progressing to mentholated balsamic notes. In the palate it is intense, elegant and fresh with hints of lemon and citrus. The finish is moderate, with an exemplary balance and finesse. This champagne is especially suitable as an aperitif.

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