Italian Cheese

Robiola Di Roccaverano D.O.P. (Piedmont)

Chef Fabio Morisi

Fabio Morisi,’s in-house chef, reveals the secrets of a historic Italian cheese and the best ways to enjoy its delicate flavor.


Ribola di Roccaverano is an Italian cheese with a long tradition and history. It has a protected denomination of origin from the European Union and denominazione di origine italiana. This cheese is produced exclusively using raw goat’s milk.

Robiola di Roccaverano

Ingredients: raw goat’s milk, salt, rennet.
Shape: cylindrical with flat sides.
Main Ingredient: Raw goat’s milk
Edible Crust: In fresh products, it can be in the form of a flower.

The milk from the evening milking is cooled to a temperature of 53-68 ° F, and the whey is added to promote maturation of milk. Add milk from the morning milking, and bring to a temperature of 71 ° F. which is the optimum temperature for curd. Add the rennet and allow to stand for 20 hours. After the break, the curd is formed into molds and allowed to drain for 24 hours, then subjected to dry salting and the molds turned several times to facilitate purification of the product. This phase lasts approximately 48 hours. At this point, the product is ready for storage in the cell at 39 ° F.

The paste is soft, white or yellow depending on the feeding of livestock. It is a fine paste that surprises the palate for its delicate flavor and aroma.

This cheese of great flavor must be accompanied by scented bread, and perfumed with acacia honey, truffles, or herbs like rosemary, or thyme. It is also a good complement for blueberry jam. It also wonderful with fig jam, onions, pears. Buon Appetito.

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