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5 Best Wine Restaurants You Must Visit in the U.S.

Georgina Lawrence

So many restaurants, so little time! You might be overwhelmed with all of the dining options in town but there’s no need to stress because Wine Enthusiast magazine did the legwork and hooked it up with some of the best wine restaurants in the U.S.

5 Best Wine Restaurants You Must Visit in the U.S.

In its annual America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants list, the magazine’s editors went on the hunt for the locations that offered the best, most innovative and thoughtful wine, dining and service.

“It’s such an exciting time for wine and food in America and our 2018 list reflects that experimental energy,” explains Susan Kostrzewa, executive editor of Wine Enthusiast, in a press statement. “Gone are the days of boilerplate wine lists and menus—the new wave of chefs and wine directors are going deep and unapologetically into single categories, as well as mining emerging cuisines and regions in a way that’s both fearless and thrilling for the customer. Secondary markets continue to blossom and drive trends, meaning that great experiences are accessible regardless of location.”

Check out 5 of the restaurants we recommend below:

5 Best Wine Restaurants You Must Visit in the U.S.
Florabar – New York City via Instagram

Flora Bar – New York City, NY
Located in Madison Avenue, Flora Bar is inspired by local NYC and European restaurants. It’s definitely one of the best wine restaurants in the US.  The menu focuses on seafood and vegetables that are tasty and playful. Open since 2016, Flora Bar offers small bites, a bar with exquisite wine options, and a full dinner.

5 Best Wine Restaurants You Must Visit in the U.S.
Bellemore – Chicago via Instagram

Bellemore – Chicago, IL
This wine restaurant opened this year in Chicago and it’s already all the hype because of its “Artistic American” cuisine and decor. Sommelier Jerome Noel told Wine Enthusiast: “Guests are already coming into Bellemore an open mind and an open palate. Varieties of wine that most people have never heard of—Grillo, Zweigelt, Carricante, Táganan—are some of the wines we find on tables most often.”

5 Best Wine Restaurants You Must Visit in the U.S.
Studio – Laguna Beach via Instagram

Studio – Laguna Beach, CA
Studio in Laguna Beach is popular because of its modern French cuisine, oceanfront view, and over 2,500 boutique and esoteric wine selections. But according to Sommelier Troy Smith, their dry rosé and prosecco are the real show stoppers. “Dry rosé has finally become as popular as we all knew it deserved. Guests are actually asking for it instead of the staff having to convince them they weren’t being rooked. Prosecco too.”

5 Best Wine Restaurants You Must Visit in the U.S.
The Forge Restaurant via Instagram

The Forge – Miami Beach, FL
With a promising menu, The Forge Steakhouse is one of the hottest spots in Miami Beach, and one of the best wine restaurants in the US. But besides its exquisite menu, this restaurant is also home to almost 30,000 cellared wines. It stores also over 80 selections available by the glass thanks to an in-house Enomatic machine.

5 Best Wine Restaurants You Must Visit in the U.S.
Foreign Cinemas – San Francisco via instagram

Foreign Cinema – San Francisco, CA
At Foreign Cinema you’ll get more than what you bargain for. Nothing beats fine wine, dining, and a movie for a perfect date! This hot spot in San Francisco offers brunch, dinner, and lastly—cocktails, DJs, and movie screenings featured at a hip bar connected to the restaurant.

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