Recipes: Tiramisú And Chocolate Mousse

Chef Fabio Morisi

Fabio Morisi, azureazure.com's chef delights us with two easy, classic Italian and French desserts.

Difficulty: Easy / moderate
// Origin: Veneto Region in Italy

Recipes: Tiramisu and Chocolate Mousse

Ingredients [8/10 cups]
8 fresh egg yolks
18 oz. of very fresh mascarpone cheese
Bitter cocoa to decorate, to taste
3 oz. white sugar
1 pack Ladyfinger biscuits, approx 12 0z.
1.5 oz. “Amaretto di Saronno” liquor
1 cup strong espresso coffee

In a blender mix together the eggs with the sugar. Beat for about 15-20 min. Reduce speed to minimum. Add slowly the mascarpone cheese until you get the desired texture. Set aside. Dip the ladyfingers in a mix of coffee and liqueur, place them inside bellini cups and gently add the cream on top. Decorate with bitter cocoa, let cool in the fridge for three hours. Before serving garnish with fresh mint. Buon appetito.

Chocolate Mousse
Difficulty: Easy
// Origin: France

Recipes: Tiramisu and Chocolate Mousse

18 oz. of 65% melted chocolate
18 oz. liquid cream
12 oz. milk

In a steel pot boil the milk and cream to 170º, pour the chocolate, and mix gently for 5 min. Leave the mixture in the refrigerator until cold. Pour the cream in a blender (Kitchen Aid brand or similar) and beat until it reaches the desired velvety texture. Serve the mousse in a cold plate with icing sugar on top, and garnish with raspberries.
Note: Try adding to the mix 1 0z. of good rum.

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