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Spaghetti Cuadrado With Traditional Tomato Sauce Recipe

Chef Fabio Morisi

Learn how to prepare delicious traditional spaghetti like a professional with the help of Fabio Morisi,'s in house chef.

Recipe: Spaghetti Cuadrado

La Molisana Spaghetti 14 oz.
Chopped onion 3 oz.
Celery 3 oz.

Carrot 3 oz.

Extra virgin olive oil 1 tbs.
Coarse salt 1 ts.

Fresh basil 5 leaves
Pelati Mutti Tomato 30 oz.

Turn off the phone or put it on silent (optional)
. In a steel pot, put the diced vegetables with oil, saute for 10 minutes, stirring with a wooden spoon.
 Add the undrained tomatoes.
 Stir briefly and add the basil, salt and pepper
. Boil about 25 min.
 Pass the vegetables through a colander and return to lifting the sauce. Check salt, pepper, and acidity (add sugar if you need) and get ready to cook the pasta.

I’ll share some advice that has helped me in these years as a chef.

To prevent sticking while cooking, it is necessary to have a pot with plenty of water.

1. The fundamental quantities we should respect for cooking pasta are one hundred grams of fresh or dry pasta, two liters of water and ten grams of salt. Sometimes we need to reduce the amount of salt if the sauce is very high in flavor.
2. The salt should be added just before pouring the pasta into the boiling water. Then stir with a spoon or fork. It is recommended to not cover the pot. Drain the pasta and put in the pot with the tomato sauce. Season and serve. Buon Appetito!

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