A delightful delicacy

Farm Eggs With Spinach, Foie Gras And White Truffles From Alba

Chef Fabio Morisi

This simple, easy to prepare dish features the intensity of flavors from ingredients such as foie gras and white truffles. azureazure.com’s in-house chef, Fabio Morisi, shows us how to prepare this delightful delicacy.

Farm Eggs with Spinach, Foie Gras and White Truffles from Alba
DIFFICULTY: medium // TIME: 10 min.

Farm eggs with spinach and foie gras

3.5 oz. fresh baby spinach
1 TBS. extra virgin olive oil for frying the egg.
1.5 oz. foie gras.
1 fresh farm egg.
Fresh Alba truffles thinly sliced.
Salt and black pepper to taste.
Sliced Grissini croutons

Saute spinach with oil and a little salt and black pepper. In a separate pan, brown the foie gras on both sides, also adding a little salt and pepper. In a new pan, put the unbeaten egg with extra virgin olive oil and fry briefly. Once this is done, place the egg over the spinach on the serving plate. Finally, decorate with foie gras, white truffles from Alba and Grissini croutons.

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