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Punto Mx: The First Mexican Restaurant In Europe With A Michelin Star

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Punto MX, the award-winning restaurant in the center of Madrid, Spain, attracts those who love avant-garde Mexican cuisine, created and reinvented by Chef Roberto Ruiz.

Punto MX Restaurant is the personal dream of the Mexican chef Roberto Ruiz, who has lived in Spain for several years, developing a career as an adviser and gastronomic consultant, as well as a chef in various catering business.

Punto MX
Chef Roberto Ruiz.

He opened his restaurant, Punto MX, in May 2012 at Calle General Pardinas 40, in the center of Madrid. Since then, the restaurant has become a meeting point for fans of the best avant-garde Mexican cuisine. The menu is based on the multitude of flavors and colors of the rich and varied cuisine of Mexico, interpreted from a cosmopolitan perspective. Spanish elements and raw materials are also included in this proposal, along with a refined contemporary aesthetic, always faithfully to the essence of each recipe.

The kitchen at Punto MX focuses on Mexican food rendered with modern techniques, which results in extraordinary culinary innovations with a unique personality and authentic Mexican flavors. The guacamole is prepared tableside in the traditional molcajete (lava stone mortar) while the roasted marrow is served in the bone. Chef Ruiz’s variety of tacos, such as the almadraba tuna trap or the Galician ox are some of the dishes that have elevated the esteem of Punto MX. This stellar establishment is the only Mexican restaurant in Europe awarded a Michelin star. According to the prestigious guide, “Punto MX merges—with great success—the Mexican culinary tradition and the latest avant-garde cuisine.”

Punto MX
Punto MX

Punto MX is also the only restaurant in the Old Continent where the tortillas are made using traditional methods and the ancient technique of nixtamalization. This laborious process establishes guidelines for cooking the corn kernels used to make the dough enhancing the nutritional properties of maize. At Punto MX, they are always served at their peak—not more than seven minutes after cooking.

The admirable work of Roberto Ruiz is reflected not only in his brilliant dishes. On the top floor of the restaurant, he has created the Mezcal Lab, which offers an exciting selection of tequilas and mezcal, plus its exquisite line of mezcal cocktails including the Mezcaliña and the Chamuco Mezcal. Mezcal Lab also serves a superb selection of beers, which are used to make “micheladas”—refreshing libations flavored with seasonal fruits and, of course, an excellent selection of wines from around the world. Martin Eccius is the mezcalier at Punto MX, and his job is to find and select the best mezcal from small producers in Mexico, bringing a unique collection of the fabled liquor to Europe.

On your next visit to Madrid, do not forget to stop at Punto MX. You will find an interesting culinary offer based on the richness, complexity and diversity of wonderful Mexican flavors.

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