Great Party Ideas

Potential Places to Have a Party

Lara Shriftman

An excerpt from Fete Accompli! Workbook: The Ultimate Party Planning Guide by Lara Shriftman and Elizabeth Harrison.

Photo: Olga Sapegina. / 123RF Stock Photo.

A diner.
Preset a menu of French fries with melted cheese, toasted bagels, vegetable frittatas, turkey clubs cut into finger-sized sandwiches, milk shakes, cherry soda, and chocolate pudding. It’s all so 50s.

The boardwalk.
Meet up for a cotton-candy buffet and a mean round of Skee-ball.

An art gallery.
Serve goat cheese croostinis! Andy Warhol would approve.

A boat.
Charter a yacht (very Steven Spielberg) and head for St. Barth. Just call a local yacht club or boating dock. There are usually boats for rent for the day.

Mom and Dad’s house.
It always better than your own.

The bowling alley.
Provide socks.

A hotel suite.
Two words: pillow fight!

The airport runway.
Watch the places take off.

The country club, darling.

Viva Las Vegas.
Think casino time, kid.

The back porch.
Kate Hudson’s 21st birthday party was at her mom’s, Goldie Hawn, house.

On the beach. Your backyard. Bring flip-flops, serve drinks in pineapples, consider hiring a masseuse, and hand out spritzers of water.

A mountaintop (yodeling should be verboten).

Rent an excellent space.

A house for sale.
Someone who’s trying to sell a home may let you rent it out for the night.

A modern, all-white loft.

A photo studio.
They are usually large, open spaces that make excellent canvases to decorate.

A rentable house
There are party homes, mansions, farms, townhouses – that are available strictly for parties. They usually come equipped with furnishings and the kind of décor you’d kill for.

A movie theater.
Supply brown bags filled with treats and send microwave popcorn as an invite.

A venue still under construction (send hardhats as invites).
Just make sure the place isn’t a war zone of hazards and accidents waiting to happen. You’ll give everyone bragging rights to say “I was there first!”

A store – after hours – where everyone drinks and shops.
Be warned: alcohol and shopping can be a very dangerous mix. Lara and Elizabeth hosted shopping and launch parties at Scoop, Jimmy Choo, Sergio Rossi, Dunhill, Hugo Boss, Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Express.

Hit a furniture or antique store for built-in décor.

Yo Adrian!
Do it at a boxing gym. Screen Rocky, if possible.

An office space.
Sure, it’s all about faxing, filing and grunt work during the day, but after dark, put a velvet rope in front of the conference room, add a disco ball, candles and booze.

An arts’n’crafts studio.
Where you can throw down paint, clay and a cold one.

A roof deck of your apartment building, a hotel
(at Townhouse in Miami, the roof deck has waterbeds!)

A strip club.

By the lake.
Provide rowboats and hire a guitar player to do sing-alongs.

A parking lot, a rollerskating rink, or a go-cart race track.

A miniature golf club.

Dave & Buster’s or any video arcade.
The vibe may be cheesy, but you can add your own je ne sais quois.

A candy store.

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