Chef Fabio Morisi's recipe

Pizza Romana With Pesto Genovese And Eggplant

Chef Fabio Morisi's in-house chef teaches us how to prepare a delicious and healthy alternative to the ubiquitous pizzas we find in every corner of the world.

Pizza Romana with pesto
Genovese and eggplant

Recipe Roma Pizza with Eggplant and Genovese Pesto

Ingredients for the dough
17 oz. Doppio flour.
A pinch of yeast.
A pinch of salt.
1 TBS Olive oil.
22.5 oz. water.

8 0z. Mozzarella fior di latte.
1 TBS Extra virgin olive oil.
Salt and pepper to taste.
14 oz. eggplants cut very thin, like paper.
3.5 oz. Pesto sauce.
Handful of pine nuts.

Ingredients for pesto sauce
A bunch of tiny fresh basil leaf.
9 oz. Sprockets.
3 oz. grated Parmesan cheese.
10 oz. extra virgin olive oil.
1 TBS of coarse salt
1 garlic clove peeled

Pesto sauce preparation
Toast the pine nuts, garlic, salt and basil. Add the oil and grind at maximum speed for 10-12 seconds. Mix well. Grind for about 6 more seconds and remove. Place the resulting cream in a glass container. Add the cheese and until all the ingredients are mixed. Place in a covered container in the refrigerator until further use.

Preparing pizza dough
Place flour in a bowl or mixer. Add yeast and water slowly until you’ve added 80% of the water. When the mixture begins to form, add the salt and oil, and gradually incorporate the remaining water. It is time to mix everything until you achieve a well refined mass. Let rest in a covered glass bowl. It must be left to ferment for four hours at room temperature. After the four-hour resting period, knead the pizza dough with hands until you have an oval shape. Put in a special tray able to withstand high temperatures. Heat the oven to 200º C (390º F), introduce the dough for 5 minutes and then withdraw. Scatter the eggplant around the entire pizza base covering it completely, season and add a little extra virgin olive oil. Now we return to bake for 7/9 minutes. Remove from oven, garnish with pesto and nuts. You are ready to serve.

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