Pierre Frapin Cuvee 1888 And Hardy Perfection Terre: Rare And Exclusive French Cognacs

J.M. Towers

Pierre Frapin Cuvee 1888 and Hardy Perfection Terre are two outstanding cognacs, more than 100 years old and considered among the world’s best and most expensive.

Cognac is one of the most celebrated grape distillates in the world. It is a refined and elegant spirit that requires understanding and wisdom to appreciate its value, especially when we speak about the finest and most expensive in the market.

Let us introduce you to two exceptional cognacs, both more than 100 years old. These exquisite vintages: 1888 Cuvée Pierre Frapin and Hardy Perfection Terre —whose prices exceed thousands of dollars—are usually served in delicate crystal glasses.

Pierre Frapin Cuvee 1888
A gift from Champagne

Rare French Cognacs

Frapin, the centennial firm based in Champagne, France, boasts a broad range of exquisite cognacs of supreme quality, including an extraordinary elixir named Pierre Frapin Cuvee 1888. Created in honor of the founder of the brand, Pierre Frapin, the original owner of one of the principal vineyards of Grande Champagne Premier Grand Cru, this cognac is a rare blend of cognacs, a coupage with different vintages— some prior to 1888. Pierre Frapin Cuvee 1888 comes in a limited edition of 1,888 bottles produced by Cristalleries Royales de Champagne. Decorated with a cap and a 24K gold spiral around the cylinder— created by the old firm Etains d’Anjou— its design evokes the aging of cognac over time. The flavors of the Pierre Frapin Cuvee 1888 are astonishingly complex: dried fruits, nuts, raisins, prunes, candied oranges, cocoa, and coffee. Its character is based on a sublime harmony of essences of lemon, pepper, mild spices, white honey, vanilla, leather and tropical woods. Each bottle of Pierre Frapin Cuvee 1888 comes in an elegant polished wood box with a drawer that holds a magnificent reproduction of a 1888 gold-plated pocket watch which, when opened, gives off a sweet aroma of the exquisite cognac to complement the tasting notes of this superb drink.

Hardy Perfection Terre
Exclusivity in a bottle

Rare French Cognacs

Maison Hardy, founded in 1853, is named after the Englishman Anthony Hardy, who succumbed to the charms of the Cognac region in France. Known since then as Antoine Hardy, he adopted the iconic French name as the symbol of his new firm. Today, after more than 150 years, Bénédicte Hardy represents the fifth generation of Hardy Cognac producers. As an international ambassador of the Maison Hardy, the charismatic entrepreneur has worked to build the company’s reputation worldwide. Among the firm´s finest cognacs is the emblematic Hardy Perfection Terre. It is said that its limited edition of 300 Daum crystal decanters is the oldest unmixed cognac on sale in the world: its origins date back to 1870 and is made with the French Colombard grape variety. Hardy Perfection Terre is an exceptionally complex cognac, with marked and delightful notes of chocolate and coffee. In the mouth, it is smooth and round and has an unusually persistent nose, with aromas of snuff and nutmeg.

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