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Paixa: How To Discover The Most Classic, Modern Mexico

Heike Söns

Paxia restaurant delivers a successful gastronomic experience with a menu that honors Mexico's classic gastronomy while, at the same time, breaks from tradition with modern, creative recipes that highlight utmost quality.

Mexico City’s Paxia restaurant, with its characteristic contemporary, relaxed vision, is without a doubt one of the best in town. It offers its guests a high-level gastronomic experience through a deep understanding of local ingredients with the goal of elevating the excellent values of Mexican cuisine.

More than a restaurant, Paxia is a concept, a sensory tour of the vast Mexican landscape and its culinary traditions. “We believe in Mexican cuisine and we represent the best of it. Our aim is to always give more, with courage and respect,” reads a statement from the restaurant.

Paxia Restaurant

It is evident that Paxia`s team is faithful to this idea, demonstrated in the personal service offered to their guests. The restaurant is distinguished not only for its extraordinary fusion cuisine but also for its privileged location in San Angel, one of the most beautiful colonial neighborhoods in Mexico City, and for its warm atmosphere that invites conviviality, relaxation and celebration.

The Paxia menu honors Mexico’s gastronomic culture while breaking paradigms and setting new standards for the modern kitchen, offering creativity and quality in every bite. Their wine list is ideal for insurmountable pairings, often achieved through the house labels. Even when the food is quasi-experimental, it is extremely comforting.

Succulent moles, sweet and savory sauces, an endless variety of chiles, fried parsley, and plantain are some of the flavors that stand out at Paxia, combined with protagonists of international cuisine such as duck or homemade Italian pasta. An absolute must is the crackling pork lasagna in green sauce and the shrimp pulque. Side dishes, such as the Oaxacan cheese tamale, are so uniquely prepared that will surely please the most demanding palates.

Each of the creations featured in the long menu show off the culinary expertise of Chef Daniel Ovadía and his team. Ovadía is considered one of the brightest stars of the current Mexican cuisine movement.

His innate vocation started when he was a child and, playfully, insisted on “turning on the stove to experiment with food”. However, his training as a business administrator has allowed him to create an empire that today includes two restaurants (Paxia and Pewter), a superb nationwide catering service, his own production of wines, tequila and mezcal, and a curio market called Serendipity.

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