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Patrón En Lalique

Federico Tibytt

Patron in Lalique Series 1's production is limited to 500 bottles presented in an exquisite gift box.

The iconic French glass manufacturer Lalique joined the renowned Mexican tequila firm Patron to launch a collaborative product: limited edition tequila presented in a bottle specially designed for the occasion. This partnership is proof that the finest tequila–aged to perfection–deserves to be captured in the most delicate decanter handcrafted by Lalique artisans.

Lalique is one of the most traditional crystal manufacturers in the world, highly praised for its exquisite and sophisticated pieces. The brand’s more than 120 years of history have made it a symbol of French luxury, creators of beautiful jewelry, furniture, artwork and spectacular perfume bottles. In fact, their pieces are highly sought after by art collectors around the world and many of them are on display in prestigious museums.

On this occasion, the French company took over the design and manufacture of one of the most beautiful bottles in history, destined to contain what can be described as truly memorable tequila.
This unique spirit is a blend of different samples of aged tequila, handpicked by the experts at Hacienda Patrón in Jalisco. The mixture was obtained from tequilas that have been kept for at least four years in new American oak barrels and new and used French oak barrels. This methodology gives this tequila its unique identity, high balance and a bright aroma of oak.

Francisco Alcaraz, the master distiller at Hacienda Patrón, describes the Patron in Lalique Series 1 as follows: “It is extraordinary extra-old, tequila, with excellent balance and great complexity, where you can appreciate flavors of caramel, honey, vanilla, dried fruits, and nuts. This is a spirit of great beauty, both inside and out.”

For its part, the bottle is inspired by the plant used for tequila production, the agave. The crystal bottle stopper represents the agave’s pina, the fruit whose juices will later become delicious tequila.

French master craftsmen designed the glass piece using Lalique’s identifying technique, in which flat, smooth crystal contrasts with flat frosted crystal, highlighting each of the meticulous details that decorate the piece.

“It is very difficult to create such a unique bottle, and it requires many hours of work due to the complexity of the design. Our craftsmen have put all their knowledge and passion in the production of each of the bottles,” said Silvio Denz, CEO of Lalique.

The world production of the Patron in Lalique Series 1 is limited to only 500 bottles and comes in a gift box of exquisite design, clad in leather, including certificates of authenticity, a leather bound book and a video outlining the collaboration between Patrón and Lalique that led to the creation of this unique product that will be sold at $7,500 per bottle.

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