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Paris, Center Of Gastronomy

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Ten of the only twenty-five restaurants with three Michelin stars are located in the French capital.

In Paris, the cuisine is a prized commodity. Ten of the twenty-five restaurants awarded with 3 Michelin stars in all the world are located in the French capital. The city’s gastronomy offers such excellence since the competition to provide the best and most exclusive dishes is steadily growing. Ultimately, the winner is the client who wants to experience the most delicious and amazing haute cuisine.

Paris Gastronomy
Shang Palace Restaurant and Chef Samuel Lee Sum.

Today, some of the most famous Parisian restaurants are located inside the city’s best hotels. You’ll find a unique display of creativity and talent at the Shangri-La hotel—in the Avenue D’Iéna—where any lover of fine cuisine will enjoy a sumptuous gourmet meal and a real culinary journey exploring Cantonese haute cuisine at Shang Palace, the exclusive award-winning restaurant with one star in the Michelin Guide.

The young chef Samuel Lee Sum is in charge of the kitchen. The talented creator delivers—with remarkable ease—complex dishes and striking presentations, playing with different colors and combinations of ingredients that bring to life the natural flavors of seasonal products.

Paris Gastronomy
Sur Mesure Restaurant and Chef Thierry Marx.

Excellent diversity and elegance await you at Sur Mesure restaurant, inside the Mandarin Oriental hotel, where the French chef, Thierry Marx displays great imagination and creativity in Asian cuisine.

Marx presents its guests a complete sensory experience, combining the technical and emotional aspects of the kitchen through taste, sight, and sound. His dishes delight customers who sit at the tables in the elegant dining room, decorated in different shades of white. His emblematic plates also have a visual effect, as if they had been set on a blank canvas.

Paris Gastronomy
L’Ambrosie Restaurant.

At the place des Vosges, Bernard and Mathieu Pecaud offer a cuisine that is respectful of tradition, skillfully combining classical and modern French fare at L’Ambroise restaurant, located in the 17th-century residence of the Duke of Chaulnes.

This dwelling was duly renovated by architect François-Joseph Graf, respecting the original style to create an intimate and sophisticated environment.

Paris Gastronomy
Le Grand Vefour Restaurant and Chef Guy Martin.

Guy Martin, a renowned Chef, awarded Michelin Stars in his different restaurants, dazzles diners at Le Grand Vefour, located by the arches of the Royal Palace.

Martin creates inspiring sensations from sources as surprising as his travel experiences and colors that move him to deliver delicately flavored dishes.

Paris Gastronomy
Jules Verne Restaurant and Chef Alain Ducasse.

But, a trip to Paris would not be complete without a visit to one of the most spectacular places in the city, le Jules Verne restaurant, located at the very heart of the Eiffel Tower. This restaurant was the lifelong dream one of the world’s greatest chefs, Alain Ducasse, who has also earned several Michelin-star for his restaurants in London and Monaco.

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