Pale Beers

Pale Beers: The Sexiest Foam

J.M. Towers

In the world of beer drinkers there is no middle ground. There are those who prefer full-bodied beers with lots of flavor and those who prefer pale beers.

In the world of beer drinkers there is no middle ground. There are those who prefer full-bodied beers with lots of flavor and those who prefer pale beers, much lighter and foamy, mild and refreshing, with less alcohol content and bitterness, and which should always be consumed very cold. 

Pale beers come in many flavors, and the most popular ones are the lager types, which are fermented at low temperatures—between 32 and 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Lager means “warehouse” in German, for in the past they were stored in the darkest areas of the cellars for better conservation.

Here we will show you some of the most famous and popular lager-type pale beers in the international market:

Pale Beers

Perhaps one of the driest, most refreshing beers you can drink. With a neutral aroma, it has a slight touch of bitterness, very little fizz and is truly mild. A traditional Indian mix of barley malt and yeast is used in its production. It is ideal for pairing with rice dishes and with dishes spiced with curry.

Pale Beers
Stella Artois
ORIGIN: Belgium

It was created around 1366 as a beer to be consumed at Christmastime. Its name, Stella, means “star,” a reference to the star of Bethlehem that heralded the arrival of the Messiah. Artois refers to the name of the master brewer who first brought it to the mass market around the end of the eighteenth century. It has a light taste with very little bitterness, and light foam. It is ideal for pairing with a risotto or any chicken dish with mushroom sauce.

Pale Beers
Augustiner Lagerbier Hell
ORIGIN: Germany

This beer is ideal for lager lovers. Very dense and foamy, with an intense golden color and the aromas of malt and hops. Its final note is somewhat sweet, and it comes across as light and refreshing. It goes very well with boiled shellfish dishes and light salads.

Pale Beers
Moretti L’Autentica

Faithfully following the recipe created by the master brewers of Birra Moretti in 1859, this beer employs a special secret mix of hops that give it its characteristic taste. Its aroma is very fruity, with slight hints of country herbs. It’s very refreshing and goes well with toasted nuts and kalamata olives.

Pale Beers
Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Headquartered in Boston, Samuel Adams has been brewing this lager since 1984, using several varieties of malts to create a rich beer with lots of character that stands out for its creamy foam and intense golden color. Nothing goes better with pizza or fish and shellfish paella.

Pale Beers
Estrella Galicia Especial

With a bright golden color, it stands out for its aromas of barley and malt with nutty overtones of hazelnut and almond. It has a light and neutral mouth feel, with just the right bitterness and highly marked shades of hop flavor. It’s refreshing, has good body and a strong personality. It pairs very well with a veal steak and potatoes baked with extra virgin olive oil, rosemary and thyme.  ■

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