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Nolet Reserve: 300 Years of Tradition in a Premium Gin

Federico Tibytt

The label continues to produce outstanding spirits. Nolet Reserve is the family gem that best represents tradition.

Nolet Reserve, internationally recognized as one of the world’s unique and expensive premium gins, is Carolus Nolet’s tribute to a family tradition.

Nolet is a three-century-old Dutch distillery founded by Joannes Nolet in 1691, in the city of Schiedam. Ten generations later, Carolus Nolet has decided to launch a special edition that would summarize all the experience and knowledge gained by the family in its 300 years in the industry.

The business was established in the area where the traditional Dutch gin—the country’s official drink — was created. For a long time, the family was dedicated to perfecting the complex distillation of flowers and fruits for the manufacture of high-quality gin.

The Nolet Distillery is mostly known for its vodka Ketel One, which is also praised all over the world.

As a tribute to ten generations of family tradition, Carolus Nolet Sr. created a reserve product that the company’s director oversees up to the smallest detail, to the point that each of the bottles is approved by Carolus himself.

Each year a limited edition of this collection spirit is produced and comes presented in a polished wood gift box of delicate and simple design, which gives center stage to the beverage it contains.
When you buy one of these units, the first thing that catches your eye is the series of authentication stamps and production numbers on the bottle and the box, which is a process more likely used to authenticate haute horlogerie.

The gin’s golden brown color comes from the use of saffron in addition to sophisticated methods of fruit and floral distillation. The different ingredients include Turkish rose, raspberry, verbena, peach and the inevitable juniper, always found in Dutch gin.

In the mouth, you are welcomed by an intensely floral spirit, which still denotes the fruity presence with a predominance of strawberry plus a spicy touch. The finish is intense and sustained with the expected complexity of gin that reveals some hints of citrus and the unmistakable presence of juniper.

To enjoy the glorious experience offered by this spirit, its creator suggests drinking it neat in small sips, and if you want to emphasize its aromas you can add a few ice cubes. According to Carolus Nolet Sr., this is a gin to enjoy in special moments— in good company or alone—to truly appreciate its diverse fine flavors.

Now in its 11th generation, the company continues to surprise the world with exceptional distillates, and the Nolet Reserve is the family jewel identifying its tradition.

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