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New International Culinary Treasures: Passion For Perfection

J.M. Towers

A selection of international gourmet products that standout for their uniqueness and exclusivity.

The world of haute cuisine continues to surprise us with a greater presence of inspiring gourmet delicacies and luxurious aesthetics. This is our third installment of our series on international gastronomic delights. First installment, second installment.

Tre Soli Tre
The intense taste of Italy

Culinary Treasures

The grappa produced by the Berta distillery is aged for 8 years, and can be considered one of the best in all of Italy. Grappa is a typical liquor of the transalpine country, made from the remains of squeezed grapes or vinasse (pisco, the typical liquor of Peru). There is mention of its manufacture since the 18th century, and its degree of sophistication is comparable to that of brandy and other select spirits. The Tre Soli Tre version is distilled in copper steam boilers, as has been done for hundreds of years. The resulting precious liquid is aged in barrels that previously contained other noble spirits. Its color is amber, and its pervasive perfume boasts hints of ripe fruit (blackcurrant, apricot or cherry), and also of cocoa and vanilla. Its rich taste confirms, on the palate, the flavors introduced by the aroma. Another of Italy’s sophisticated wonders for the world to enjoy.

La Católica
The olive oil named in honor of Queen Isabella of Castile

Culinary Treasures

As a brand, La Católica extra virgin olive oil originated in the eponymous farm owned by the Anguis family, located in the countryside of Úbeda, in the province of Jaén, Spain. This region is the world’s largest producer of olive oil, a vital product for a sound and healthy diet. At the end of the 15th century, the farm was an unavoidable stop for Queen Isabella—known as La Católica— as she traveled from Castile to the city of Granada. In her homage, the property, and later the oil produced there were baptized as La Católica. This premium extra virgin oil is made with pure olive juice and comes packaged in 500 ml glass bottles. Its aroma is fruity, with notes of green apple in the background. On the palate it is silky, with a good balance of bitterness and pungency, leaving a light aftertaste of dried fruit.

Duc d’O Chocolaterie
The Belgian truffle that captivated the world

Culinary Treasures

In a country like Belgium, where chocolate is a matter of national pride, the Duc d’O Chocolaterie is one of the main producers and exporters of an irresistible treat that conquers the world with its unmatched quality. The traditional Duc D’o truffles delight from the first bite with their dark chocolate base and creamy heart, covered with pure cocoa powder of the highest quality. These small objects of desire are synonymous with luxury and bring a unique experience to the palate. They are presented in three flavors: original dark chocolate, dark chocolate flavored with orange, and cappuccino-flavored dark chocolate.

25 Years Old Chivas Regal
A luxury whisky

Culinary Treasures

Chivas Regal, one of the world’s most recognizable labels continues to sell its sought after Chivas Regal 25 Years Old, which stands out for its exceptional blend of the finest Scottish whiskies aged for 25 years. It’s a limited edition of hand-numbered bottles that will delight fans of the famed spirits that Scotland has given the world. With a fine golden color, it has aromas of sweet orange and peach are followed by notes of marzipan and nuts. Its flavor has hints of orange with chocolate and has a round, intensely long and elegant finish.

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