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Moody Tongue Shaved Black Truffle Pilsner: The Exclusive Brew with Australian Black Truffles

Federico Tibytt

Each year only 500 bottles are produced and sold through a lottery system.

Jarred Rouben

A small craft brewery in the city of Chicago produces one of the most exotic beers in the world. The process starts with a traditional German pilsner recipe but with the distinction of having Australian grated black truffles as a star ingredient.

The production of craft gourmet beers is a global trend, which allows brewers to deploy all their creativity and knowledge and create unique and unrepeatable brews.

As it happens with other drinks and spirits such as wine, tequila or gin, craft beers offer a vast variety of different aromas and flavors, designed down to the smallest detail by their creators. Over time, the results add more characteristics that are not only refreshing but also perfect to accompany the most sophisticated gourmet dishes.

Jarred Rouben prepares the ingredients.

Under this premise,
Jared Rouben founded a brewery called Moody Tongue, with the aim of producing beverages that would bring forth the benefits of their ingredients. Following a traditional process in which the raw material should always be of the highest quality, the company has created a selection of excellent brews.

is a young chef trained at the University of Cuisine in Washington and the Culinary Institute of New York. After graduating, he worked at impressive American kitchens such as the New York restaurant Per Se with three Michelin stars and the Martini House in Napa Valley, with one Michelin star. The valuable experience he acquired in the business led him to apply the same principles used in haute cuisine to the production of beer.

His business philosophy is described as “culinary brewing”; a method that is based on three main principles:

• Search and get the best possible ingredients.

• Master the necessary techniques to manipulate these components and maximize their flavors and aromas.

• Know exactly the right time when such ingredients should be incorporated into each recipe.

A perfect example of this philosophy of production is his pilsner-style beer which includes Australian black truffles, the
Shaved Black Truffle Pilsner. Each year about 500 bottles of 22 ounces are produced, and their release generates so much expectation that the marketing is done by a lottery that determines who will be the lucky customers who can buy it.

It is a very aromatic drink that brings forth a lingering taste of the black truffle, which blends perfectly with the roasted malt typical of the German pilsner.

Moody Tongue Selection

Moody Tongue Shaved Black Truffle Pilsner is a high-end beer; it costs about $120 per bottle and is an ideal complement to elaborate gourmet dishes.

If you enjoy excellent gastronomy, the production of high-quality craft beers is a new trend that is here to stay.  ■

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