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Mombasa Club Gin, Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva, Auchentoshan 21 Years Old Single Malt And Danzka Vodka: Four Spirits For The Most Dem

J.M. Towers

This exclusive selection includes a British gin, a Spanish brandy, a Scotch whisky and a Nordic vodka.


If we delve into the broad offer of luxurious international spirits, we’d probably find the following distillates among the ones with the most significant attributes. We are talking about: Mombasa Club Gin, Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva, Auchentoshan 21 Years Old Single Malt and Danzka Vodka, pure delight in every glass.

Mombasa Club Gin
A gin with history

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In the late 19th century, during the Victorian era, the British Empire was deeply immersed in a colonial struggle in much of the African continent. One of its most important possessions was the coastal city of Mombasa, opposite the island of Zanzibar. British officials and members of the East Africa Protectorate chose this Kenyan city to establish—in 1885—the first colonial private social club, known as the mythical Mombasa Club. For the special occasion, they commissioned an exclusive gin distilled and bottled in England for the enjoyment of its members. Today, Mombasa Club Gin remains a nostalgic footnote of the adventurous spirit of British colonialism. Colorless and bright, in the palate, mild botanical notes stand out, and the aroma confirms juniper as the main ingredient, perfectly combined with spicy coriander, cumin, and cassia. This complex and discreet gin is one of the most versatile and appealing in the market.

Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva
The quality of a great brandy

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This famous brandy—aged for more than 12 years in American oak barrels that previously contained sherry—was born in Bodegas González Byass in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia, Spain. With an elegant mahogany color and hints of old gold, it boasts sublime flavors of hardwoods, oak and fragrant wine—achieved through a long maturation process. An exceptional brandy, in the mouth it is unctuous, velvety and warm, with excellent balance and a unique finishing reminiscent of balsamic herbs.

Auchentoshan 21 Years Old Single Malt

The supreme whiskey

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Auchentoshan Distillery in Glasgow, Scotland, produces this interesting triple-distilled whiskey, aged for over twenty years in oak barrels that previously contained American bourbon and Spanish sherry. The aging process adds aromas of ripe fruit with hints of currants, vanilla, oak, and honey. With a bright coppery color, on the palate we are treated to soft green fruit essences of mint, oak, freshly cut barley, sweet chocolate and pleasantly warm sensations. The long and lasting finish remains in the olfactory memory of whoever tastes it.

Danzka Vodka
A Nordic triumph

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With a crystalline and transparent appearance, it is clean and neutral. In the nose, we appreciate fine, fresh notes, with traces of orange. It has a mild start on the palate—with mineral and sweet nuances—finishing with a slight spiciness. It shows good body and great flavor, with a very clean and lingering finish. Its aluminum bottle of pure Nordic design is a sign of modernity and commitment to innovation. This premium spirit will appeal to exceptional vodka lovers.

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