Milan: Cradle of the Aperitif

Mary Elizabeth Collins

Terrazza Aperol, Roialto and Radetzky Café are some of the best options to take the aperitif in the most famous metropolis in Northern Italy

If you love an afternoon aperitif, Terrazza Aperol, Roialto, and Radetzky Café are the most attractive options to take the aperitif in the most cosmopolitan city in Northern Italy. It is said that the idea of the aperitif was born in 19th-century Turin, but the custom soon spread to the city of Milan, where it gained fame and prestige. Since then, this elegant city is the ideal venue to take an aperitif in one of its many cafes and bars, where you can adopt a favorite Milanese pastime: relaxing as you watch the fashionable city dwellers go by.
Terrazza Aperol
Piazza Duomo, corner of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

Milan Aperitif

This outdoor cafe, located right at the Plaza del Duomo, was founded in 1930 and offers amazing views of the city’s famous cathedral. Terrazza Aperol has an avant-garde decor and offers an interesting gourmet version of small plates: hot crusty bread with cheese; sauce with olives; tomato gelée with slices of burrata, and mustard and figs jam. These are served alongside a wide selection of cocktails, traditional soft drinks, wines, and Italian beers. Terrazza Aperol is well-known as the birthplace of the Aperol Spritz, a cherry red aperitif, made with various herbs and roots with a taste similar to Campari. It comes with orange slices and can be served neat or on the rocks.
Via Piero della Francesca 55

Milan Aperitif

Considered one of the largest bars in the world, with an area of over 17,200 square feet, Roialto opens for the aperitif at 6 PM serving a great selection of Italian cheeses and salads. In its ten gastronomic stalls, managed by ten different chefs, guests can taste all the food and wine they want until 11 PM. Their small, freshly prepared pasta dishes and delicious antipasti, are not to be missed. At night, the party goes on until late with live music concerts.
Radetzky Cafe
Corso Garibaldi 105

Milan Aperitif

Radetzky, a busy cafe with a beautiful décor and innovative structure designed by architect Costa Florenzia, opened in 1988. The uniqueness of its spaces and its charming atmosphere make it a favorite hangout for architects, designers and the art set. In fact, it has become a reference point in the Milanese social life. The kitchen delivers light meals with simple preparations and high-quality ingredients, such as wild smoked salmon, fine oysters and exclusive Italian caviar. The exquisite dishes can be accompanied by cocktails, or you can choose from their wide selection of excellent Italian wines.  ■

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