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Michelin Stars: Restaurants of Rotterdam

J.M. Towers

Michelin-starred restaurants invite you to taste the gourmet wonders of this effervescent Dutch city.

The vibrant city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands is home to Europe’s largest North Sea commercial port. The metropolis enjoys a unique vitality with intense economic activity and a strong cultural and cosmopolitan blueprint that is reflected in its diverse cuisine.

Rotterdam‘s gastronomic offer includes outstanding Michelin-starred restaurants such as FG and Fred, two culinary temples where haute cuisine is crafted with creativity and talent.

Lloydstraat 204 – 3024 EA Rotterdam

François Geurds is a creative restaurateur who owns several culinary outposts in the city. These include the award-winning FG Restaurant, as well as another restaurant where he unleashes his experimental genius to play with flavors and textures, plus a gourmet food shop. Geurds loved cooking from a young age, and his mother encouraged him to turn his dream into reality because she realized the boy was intent on becoming a great chef.

After long years of learning, professional practice and working in some of the world’s most respected kitchens, he found, in 2009, the perfect place to shape his culinary vision: the Lloydkwartier neighborhood. Once old and dusty, the area has become young, hip and dynamic, full of creative businesses, restaurants, shops and new constructions.

From these trendy surroundings, François Geurds concocts evocative cuisine and unforgettable experiences but, above all, the chef maintains the highest standards and techniques for developing amazing flavors. “I want to give my guests the thrill of gastronomy: pure, great flavors and lasting memories,” said the chef.

The restaurant has a modern, minimalist design and plenty of light. The service is casual, friendly and unobtrusive. There is also an exciting wine list that is an ideal complement to the menu, which features from three to nine delicious and creative meals, and has earned the restaurant two stars in the Michelin Guide.

Honingerdijk 263-265 – 3063 AM Rotterdam

Fred Mustert, born in the famous cheese-producing town of Gouda, Holland, in 1964, is a passionate chef who loves being in the kitchen and experimenting with new and exciting gastronomic combinations. His cuisine, with classic French characteristics and a modern, personal touch, has earned him two Michelin stars at his namesake restaurant. The maxim at Restaurant Fred is to respect the product and not disguise its natural flavors, which is why he does not follow culinary trends. Instead, he serves only what is in season, especially the freshest produce. The restaurant is particularly elegant and distinguished, with a courteous, formal service. Guests who want to grasp the gastronomic philosophy of this great chef should indulge in the seven-course tasting menu named Inspiration. The after meal cheese cart with more than 65 varieties from around the world is not to be missed.

As it could not be otherwise, Fred presents a selection of the best French champagnes to complete the fine dining experience.

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