Chef Fabio Morisi's recipe

Mango & Passion Fruit Sorbet

Chef Fabio Morisi

Learn how to prepare an original sorbet at home with instructions from Fabio Morisi,’s in-house chef.

Mango & Passion Fruit Sorbet

 // TIME: 45 minutes

Recipe Mango & Passion Fruit Sorbet

7 oz. Water
5 oz. Dextrose

7 oz. Sugar
0.1 oz. Stabilizer

1 lb. Mango pulp
3.5 oz. Passion fruit pulp


In a steel pot mix cold water and dextrose, and heat to 100 ° F. Add the mango pulp and the passion fruit, sugar and stabilizer. Chill rapidly to a temperature of 39 ° F. Let the mixture set for six hours in the refrigerator. Run through the ice cream machine and keep in the refrigerator until serving. Careful: it is addictive.

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