Malbec: Wines From French Grapes Flourish In Argentina

J.M. Towers

These are four of the best Argentine malbec wines produced in the Mendoza Wine Region. Without a doubt, praiseworthy creations that should be in the cellar of all wine lovers.

If you had to choose a grape from the great strains used to produce distinguished Argentinian wines, the answer would be malbec: a fruit whose origin lies in the French region of Cahors. More wines Barolo del Piamonte, Burgundy Wines, Riesling German Wines, Albariño wines

The first strains were brought to Argentina by agronomist Michel Pouget, hired by the then president of the nation, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, to plant grapes in Mendoza. At the foot of the Andes, this region in the central part of the country currently produces some of the world’s finest malbec wines.

Famiglia Bianchi Reserva Malbec 2012
WINERY: Casa Bianchi

Malbec Wines from Argentina

The prestigious Trophee, the highest distinction bestowed by the French Winemakers Association, was awarded to this wine in 2014 as the best dry red in the world. Its color is dark red and is distinctly fruity, with aromas of ripe and stewed plums and chocolate, and a final touch of ripe cherries. It has sweet notes from the French oak barrels, with intriguing spicy hints. It is severe and persistent in one’s mouth, achieving a well-balanced marriage with the lingering aromas.

Primeras Viñas Malbec 2011
WINERY: Lagarde

Malbec Wines from Argentina

Considered one of the finest in Mendoza, this hearty wine is dark red with violet hues and whiffs of fresh red fruit, coconut and vanilla with some minty, spicy notes from the oak barrels. In the mouth it has a soft, velvety bouquet, juicy and creamy, and a long lasting finish. This is a captivating wine, perfect to accompany grilled meats like rib eye or lamb chops.

Lindaflor La Violeta Malbec 2009
WINERY: Giménez Riili

Malbec Wines from Argentina

With a dark red color, close to the nose it brings an explosion of earthy scents, black fruits such as blackberries, roasted coffee, black chocolate, licorice and toasted oak accents. These aromas are faithfully reproduced in the mouth enveloping the palate with fruit and smoky snippets. Its excellent balance provides a lingering finish. Ideal for a summer barbecue and truly unique when taken with Greek Kalamata olives.

Viña Cobos Bramare Malbec 2010
WINERY: Viña Cobos

Malbec Wines from Argentina

Closer to the nose, this elegant deep red malbec with violet reflections brings sweet and fruity aromas. In the mouth, it envelops the palate with delicious flavors of red and black fruits, licorice and tobacco. Sweet tannins and remarkable smoothness add complexity and structure to its composition, leading to a long and intense finish.

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